Adelina Legares May 19 2020

5 Mindful Breathing Strategies for Small Children


Small children often have big emotions that can change quickly throughout the day. It is so important that the children be able to identify these emotions and have strategies to help them deal with these big feelings. Children are more than capable of managing their behavior and emotions when they are given the right strategies. 

Maintaining a Sense of Peace

Many different virtues are taught as part of the Reflective Spiritual Being curriculum in PreKindergarten. Peace was a recent virtue that was focused on. Peace is a feeling of calmness, quiet and harmony. For 4 and 5 year olds, this virtue can sometimes be hard to achieve with all the big emotions that they can experience in one day, sometimes even within one hour! During a recent lesson on peace, the PreK teachers focused on teaching different breathing strategies to the children, so they can calm themselves when the need arises, and return to a state of peace. 

Breathing Techniques to Calm Big Emotions

Mindful breathing is an important skill for children to use at times when they are feeling overwhelmed. When they are focused on their breathing, it helps children to feel calmer, more grounded and improve decision making on what to do next. Mindful breathing helps children to move out of a reactive state into a receptive state. This means they are more ready to learn and make better decisions.

This video made by the Concordia Shanghai PreK teachers showcases 5 mindful breathing strategies parents can try with their children.

Go ahead and practice these strategies with your child. It is best to introduce and practice these strategies when your child is in a calm state. These breathing strategies can be used at school, at home, and any time your child needs to find their peace.