Concordia Shanghai Mar 4 2024

A Concordia Graduate's Rise in the World of Finance

In the bustling world of Wall Street, Oliver Tu, a Concordia alumnus from Class of ’17, has found his stride as an investment banking associate at Morgan Stanley. Despite the daily long hours of catering to miscellaneous client requests and executing live transactions, Oliver remains buoyant, relishing the perpetual learning curve his job offers. As he says, “There’s always more to learn.”  

Oliver Tu Class of 2017

– Investment Banking Associate at Morgan Stanley

– NYU Stern School of Business, Class of 2021

– Concordia International School Shanghai, Class of 2017

Oliver’s journey to Wall Street began at NYU Stern School of Business, where he majored in Business, Finance and Data Science, but it was his time at Concordia Shanghai that nurtured his passion for business.

A Financier in the Making

Since Grade 8, Oliver harbored aspirations of attending a business school, fostering his entrepreneurial spirit. As he progressed into high school, his passion for business and finance was supported by the program Concordia offers.  

Oliver credits Concordia teacher Mr. Erik Paulson’s Macroeconomics class for helping him hone his analytical skills. It was his favorite subject in high school, teaching him to see the big picture of the financial market.

“The class trained me to look at economies and businesses from a bird’s eye view, especially for my current job. Understanding these trends helped me make sense of how and why markets are moving the way they are and why some companies outperform others from a macro perspective.”


Also, it was at Concordia where Oliver’s worldview expanded. “My time at Concordia helped me form an international view that I find valuable and unique. Being in China and going to an American school has helped me connect with people on a different level.”

From Passion to Profession

Driven by his unwavering ambition, Oliver’s choice of NYU Stern as his university destination was strategic. With its stellar business undergraduate program and expansive finance network situated in one of the world’s financial epicenters, Oliver found the perfect launchpad for his career.

Looking ahead, Oliver remains determined to pursue his career goals, undeterred by the time commitment demanded by his occupation.

To aspiring financiers, he offers candid advice: “Having a genuine interest in how companies operate is important because that is the backbone of a job in investment banking. Most transactions will require you to understand the ins and outs of how a company generates revenue and how it becomes profitable.”  


Oliver's journey from Concordia to Stern and then to Morgan Stanley exemplifies how a supportive educational environment can be pivotal in setting the stage for future success.

Thank you, Oliver, for the update! We wish you boundless success as you continue to navigate the labyrinth of finance!