Julie McIntyre Oct 22 2021

A Kindergarten Celebration in the Park

The kindergarten classes at Concordia celebrated their culmination of their Social Studies unit on “My Family, My Friends, and Me.” Their celebration was held at the park on Lantian Road.


Throughout the unit of study, the students shared their understanding of friendship and learned about the many ways one can be kind to their friends. They wrote books about friendship and family. The students wrote about their personal narratives about the healthy and caring choices they make at home and at school which show love, kindness and acceptance. They learned about the big words, “perspectives” and “opinions”.


Our students walked to the park with their teachers and helpers and engaged in a picnic style snack at the park. Their parents met them at the park and had their picnic blankets laid our ready for the arrival of their children. After sharing a snack together with family and friends, the children read their books with their parents and grandparents.

Concordia-Shanghai-EC-park-1 copy

Every student summative book, contained a page demonstrating their enduring understanding of “The Golden Rule.” They drew pictures and wrote words showing their understanding of “Do unto others, as you’d have them do unto you.”


There were many smiles and much love shared at the park on this special day of celebration. All of the adults beamed with pride and admiration at the learning accomplishments our wonderful students! At Concordia, we believe that every child is a gift from God. On this day, we especially enjoyed the gifts our students are to us all!