Julie McIntyre Apr 14 2022

A Tip From the Heart: Inspiring Parents and Wonderful Concordia Families

It’s another unprecedented week, living in a lockdown unlike its kind in the third largest city in the world, the amazing Shanghai, China.

We are waiting and hoping for food deliveries, taking daily NAT tests, and waiting with anticipation while peering at our phones to see when we will be released from our homes and compounds. And in the midst of this, I contemplate my weekly Tuesday Tip. What words of wisdom can be shared as a “tip” to help get through this time and support learners and families at Concordia International School Shanghai?

To be truthful, the simple answer that comes to my mind is this...

Keep on doing what works for you.” 



As unprecedented as the weeks of lockdown have been, so to have the parents of Concordia International School Shanghai. Although you (our parents) have tended to be supportive, kind, and generous on any given day of the school year, these days you have set an unprecedented level of kindness, consideration, generosity, support, and love. You have supported your children in the most loving ways; helping them log into zoom lessons, helped play games, finish puzzles and art projects, complete assignments on Seesaw, helped them complete their math, reading, and writing, and you have helped them cope with these circumstances. And on top of all of that, you have been generous beyond expectation to all of us in the EC Division teaching staff and school overall.  What tip could I share with you, besides keep on doing what works for you and your child?


Your children learn from your actions.

Even when you think they are not listening to you or looking at you, they most likely are. Your child views your supports and actions as the right supports and actions. 

Each of our families is coping with these circumstances uniquely. Continue to show your strength, patience, love, support, and generosity to your family and to those in need during difficult times. Your children are watching and learning from you. Your example will teach them more virtuous behaviors than you think. They will remember your actions and words today. They will remember the way you played with them and gave them your loving attention during a difficult time and shared with families in need. 

Do I have a research article to prove this to you? No, although I am sure there are plenty. But what I have as your author and friend, is experience as a mother and longtime educator. Your love and patience and attempt to support your child is being noticed and appreciated by your child right now. They will not forget this time together - with you!

 So, keep on doing what works for you and your family.

"If it feels right, then it is right."


I pray for your continued health and happiness and above all - continued love as a united family during school assignments, short walks, playing games, coloring pictures, eating together, and all of the simple things in life that times like this force us to look at and appreciate. 

May a multitude of blessings be poured upon you and your family today and always. And thank you from all of us at Concordia International School Shanghai for your kindness and generosity. We look forward to doing everything in our capacity to keep your child’s learning fun, engaging, rigorous and worthwhile.