Steven Sgourdos Jan 26 2024

AL Business and Finance Students Present to BBDO and Mars Executives

This year’s marketing challenge in collaboration with BBDO and Mars provided a transformative learning experience for our students in the AL Business & Finance course. Observing their journey through this real-world project, particularly for a prestigious brand like Mars, was incredibly rewarding.


Student Growth in Marketing and Creative Discovery

The students exhibited remarkable growth as they navigated the complexities of marketing, from analyzing market dynamics to developing creative campaigns. Witnessing their sense of accomplishment in contributing tangible value to a globally recognized company highlighted the success of the collaborative effort.

The most significant takeaway from this marketing challenge was the students' profound self-discovery. Many of them, initially not heavily involved in the visual arts, found joy and satisfaction in crafting visually compelling marketing campaigns. The process of ideation, creation, and the effective communication of messages through creativity became a source of inspiration for both students and teacher alike.


Enhancing Education through Applied Learning

The Applied Learning program here at Concordia played a pivotal role in shaping these discoveries. Beyond the theoretical knowledge imparted, the course provided a platform for hands-on experiences, fostering collaboration, teamwork, and personal growth. Witnessing students explore their interests and uncover unexpected passions underscored the course's impact on their educational journey.


Students Reflect on Their Experience

"I feel very lucky about having this experience, especially with a company as prestigious as Mars. Being able to work and communicate with people within the brand that I really admire was such an amazing experience, and I’m very grateful that Mr. Sgourdos and Concordia were able to organize this opportunity for my class." —Madelyn

"Being able to work on a project for Mars was a truly eye-opening and valuable experience. We were able to learn first-hand all that marketing encompasses — from analyzing the Chinese market to designing mockups of creative ideas. I am very proud of my team for all that we accomplished, and I also feel a deep sense of fulfillment from knowing that we added tangible value to a project for a company that has made such an impact on the world." —Alannah

"The AL Business & Finance course goes beyond theoretical concepts, offering deep exposure to various aspects of business and finance. It provides invaluable real-world experience, addressing skills often overlooked at this age, and delving into topics like leadership, effective presentation delivery, CV crafting, and understanding investment strategies. Whether pursuing a business path or not, this course is a taste of the blend of soft skills, practical experience, and competencies essential for success in the professional world." —Melinda


As a teacher, I am deeply grateful for the unique opportunity created by this year’s corporate partners BBDO and Mars Inc. The enduring lessons and experiences gained from this challenge will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on our students, influencing their future academic and professional pursuits.