Concordia Shanghai Nov 27 2023

Another WSC Victory: Concordia Students Excel at Yale Event

Our students, having achieved awards at the World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) Global Rounds in London and Xiamen this year, continued their pursuit of challenges. Their next destination? The prestigious The Tournament of Champions at Yale University. 

Concordia-Shanghai-World Scholars Cup

Earlier this month, Concordia Middle School's WSC club members — sixth graders Sophia L., Andrew L., and Maki S. — embarked on a journey to Boston, MA. They triumphantly returned with an impressive collection of awards: 7 Gold Medals, 11 Silver Medals, and one Trophy. Mr. Steve Winkelman, our Head of School, was present at Yale’s majestic Woolsey Hall to join in the celebration of their remarkable achievement. 

The experience of making it all the way from the Regional Round to the Tournament of Champions (ToC) meant a great deal to the students. 

The Tournament of Champions (ToC) is much more than just another Global Round. It's an arena where our students engage in spirited competition with fellow scholars in essay writing, debating, and quizzing. This gathering of top scholars, each representing the best from their schools or countries, at Woolsey Hall, transforms the event into a truly unique experience. 


“Things might seem hard, but once you start doing it, it’s okay. I love the togetherness of all the scholars, and meeting people from other countries around the world. For each round, I feel like the pressure gets lighter, since each round, we have more experience.”—Andrew L.  

“Taking part in the WSC changed my understanding of the process of researching and writing. Due to the large amounts of research needed for the competition, we would split the study guide into 3 parts. Each of us will focus on one of the parts and tell our teammates about the topic.” —Maki S. 


Awards List: 

Andrew L. 

Junior – Cria Top Teams Gold  
Junior – Cria Scholars Gold 
Junior – Team Debate Silver 
Junior – Team Writing Silver 
Junior – Debate Champions Silver 
Junior –  Writing Champions Silver 
Junior – Challenge Medals - Science Silver 

Sophia L.

Junior – Cria Top Teams Gold 
Junior – Cria Scholars Trophy 
Junior – Team Debate Silver 
Junior – Team Writing Silver 
Junior - Debate Champions Gold 
Junior – Champion Scholars Silver 

Maki S.

Junior – Cria Top Teams Gold 
Junior – Cria Scholars Gold 
Junior - Writing Champions Gold 
Junior – Team Debate Silver 
Junior – Team Writing Silver 
Junior – Challenge Medals - Art Silver 


Congratulations to our World Scholar's Cup students on their outstanding achievement at the ToC held at Yale University. They not only secured awards but also demonstrated excellence in critical thinking skills, leadership and teamwork that goes beyond the ECA class. I am immensely proud of their accomplishments and personal growth!”
—Ms. Summer Yu, Director of Student Activities 

When not engaged in competitions or preparing for their events, the students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Yale experience. They dined in the university's dining halls, mingled with Yale students, and embarked on a scavenger hunt across the historic campus. 


“Seeing Yale was fun, because it is world famous.  It was cool to see how big the campus was and its library of rare books & manuscripts.”
—Sophia L.  

“I loved the university, which had many surprises in store: the Sterling Memorial Library, with its intricate glass ‘paintings’ on the walls, the beautiful golden-leaved tree, the Bookstore, full to the brim with Yale apparel and intriguing books,  the statues of Woolsey and Nathan Hale in the Old Campus, the majestic Woolsey Hall, with a gigantic organ and oddly comfortable wood seats, and even the local shops along the street.”
—Andrew L. 

The Yale campus was uniquely enhanced during the event, notably by the presence of the famous WSC mascots. These additions added a special flair to the surroundings, making the experience even more memorable for everyone involved. 

“For the first time in my life, I got to see an alpaca named Painted Warrior. It was white and brown and traveled with his travel buddy, Sandstorm. Also, at the start of the flag march of the closing ceremony, I heard an actual organ, which was also a first for me.”
—Maki S. 

It’s wonderful to learn about our students' rewarding experience competing in WSC at Yale. Congratulations are in order for their hard work and outstanding achievements! We also extend a heartfelt thank you to all the parents who supported and accompanied the students on their journey towards new academic heights. 

We would also like to express our gratitude to all those who’ve contributed to the Concordia Fund. Your support makes ventures like these possible.