Concordia Shanghai Oct 15 2023

BBDO Asia COO Inspires Students in Marketing Challenge Kick-off!

This week, students in our High School Applied Learning Business & Finance class had the incredible opportunity of meeting with COO of BBDO Asia, Mr. Hans Lopez-Vito, who joined the class to kick off this year’s Marketing Challenge.


Partnering with Marketing Professionals

Established in 1891, BBDO is a renowned global advertising agency network headquartered in New York City.

“This is the most prestigious corporate collaboration we’ve secured since the inception of this Applied Learning class five years ago,” notes Mr. Steven Sgourdos, founder of the Applied Learning Business & Finance course.

This collaboration is a major milestone as the class begins a partnership with Mars Inc., a prominent client of BBDO worldwide. Together, our students will craft an awe-inspiring marketing campaign centered on one of Mars’ flagship brands.


I see the beauty of what Steven’s class is doing, which is how do you take something quite academic and theoretical and how do you land it in the real world and bringing in real-world practitioners and exposing young minds to that kind of grounds, the theory through real practice.

– Mr. Hans Lopez-Vito


AL Business & Finance Marketing Challenge

Mr. Lopez provided insights into the brand’s market dynamics in China, outlined the challenge, highlighted the desired outcomes, and discussed the company’s requirements in terms of design thinking-driven strategies and communications.

Whether their ideas culminate in a captivating 30-second TV commercial, an engaging social video, or a comprehensive point-of-sale materials package, our students are poised to become creative maestros. Their proposals are destined to captivate millions of Chinese consumers.

This initiative lies at the heart of a genuine experiential learning journey that will span the next 10-12 weeks. It will culminate in a persuasive marketing campaign presentation by our students to the executives of the BBDO Group.


“You give an agency something specific, but you know even within that specific brief, there’s a lot of room to be surprised! So we’ll be looking for the most surprising things,” comments Mr. Lopez.

Adding a personal touch to the tale, Mr. Lopez is not just a corporate executive but also a proud parent of two Concordia students, making this collaboration all the more significant.

The stage is set, and we’re excited to witness the magic our students will weave in the upcoming weeks. The future of marketing is in their capable hands, and we’re confident they’ll exceed expectations.