Concordia Shanghai May 14 2021

CCA Highlight: ES STEM Activities

Our spring CCA offerings have been quite popular among our students this spring. Today, we would like to highlight some of the STEM-related activities that our ES students have been taking part in so far this semester. And judging from these photos, they have been having a lot of fun exploring different activities related to science, tech, engineering and math!

Maker’s Workshop

Student creativity takes charge to make things possible in the Makerspace.


Creative Math

Students have fun creating and playing variety of math games.



Students learn key computer science concepts such as sequences, loops, conditionals and abstraction by building their own fun projects of animated stories and multimedia games.


Design Thinking

Students will engage in a multi-faceted approach to designing, testing, and proposing new ideas to solve a real-world problem or issue by following the Stanford Design Thinking Model.


Little Doctor

Students explore the muscle and spine, and learn about vital bodily functions through hands-on activities and role-play.


STEM Challenge

Your creativity, imagination, and problem-solving skills will shine as you investigate ways to solve different challenges.


Mad Science

Through a series of fun and interactive scientific experiments, Students will learn about 30 new scientific terms and practice over 24 hands-on activities.


The News Crew

Students will create a short news cast for cool events in the ES. Students will also interview members of staff or other students on various topics.



We will use OzoBlockly, Ozobot’s device agnostic visual programming editor, to teach beginning to advanced programming concepts and principles.


Trash to Treasure

Using trash to make treasure. Finding things all around to make into other things.


These are just a few of the fun, educational activities that take place after school as part of our CCA Program.