Concordia Shanghai Jan 26 2024

CISSMUN XIII: Student Leaders Embrace 'The Age of Acceleration'

Concordia’s global spirit soared high this past weekend as we rolled out the welcome mat for schools across Asia attending the 13th Concordia International School Shanghai Model United Nations (CISSMUN) conference. With nearly 700 enthusiastic participants from 38 schools, this three-day venture wasn't just an event – it was a platform for understanding global challenges, honing public speaking skills, and mastering the delicate art of negotiation and compromise.


An Impressive Show of Global Citizenship

The conference is the truest encapsulation of critical thinking, collaboration, and global citizenship. As delegates, each student must not only work on their task or resolution but is needed as a member of a team to support one another, hold each other accountable, and accomplish the goal.

“With more and more schools coming from outside of China, the feeling of a truly global mindset is growing, with students having the opportunity to meet and interact with others from across Asia. We hope to continue to grow the event every year, making it more and more international.” Mr. Joshua Hohnholt, teacher advisor of this year’s CISSMUN


Let’s also take a moment to applaud our fantastic student organizers. We couldn't be prouder, and for a good reason! From the secretariat to the delegate, administration, and media teams – they not only embraced their roles but tackled challenges through teamwork and exceptional leadership.


Here’s what our CISSMUN student leaders have to say:

This was my first CISSMUN on the Secretariat team. So many Chairs and delegates have contacted me and told me how great of an experience it was, and I am so glad that I was a part of the team that created this experience for them. —Ella M. (C'24)

CISSMUN was a really fun event for me to plan and I’m really glad it turned out to be so amazing! I’m also super thankful for the entire Secretariat team and everyone’s hard work in making this conference happen. —Eiry D. (C’24)

I’ve been on the CISSMUN Secretariat team since 8th grade, and it was so amazing to finally see CISSMUN open up to students all over China and all over the world once again. I’ll never forget the many late nights I shared with the Secretariat team while planning this conference! —Bennett T. (C’24)

I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to work alongside such amazing people for the past five months and excited for what we will be able to achieve in CISSMUN XIV! —Sophie Q. (C’25)

CISSMUN was one of the best things that happened in my last year at Concordia. Our hard work definitely paid off and I’m so honored to be part of the secretariat team! —Junsung L. (C’24)

Together, averaging a combined number of 0.7 hours of sleep over two days, the filmmaking team completed the CISSMUNXIII video. Over the 2 days, the team displayed teamwork and coordination indistinguishable from that of a professional team. —Steve Y. (C’25)



CISSMUN is a signature program of our school. Founded in 2010, it was started by Concordia teacher Mr. Erik Paulson to meet student needs to participate in MUN. Fast forward, it has succeeded far beyond initial expectations; CISSMUN has become the largest, most highly regarded Model UN conference in Asia.

During the closing ceremony of CISSMUN XIII, Secretary General Bennett T. revisited this year’s conference theme, “The Age of Acceleration”. In his address, he reflected: “...we, as Generation Z, have a one-way ticket on a speeding, or better yet, accelerating train, heading who knows where. Perhaps it’s less about whether we should have a positive outlook on what we’ve inherited, and more about what we can do. We can dread. We can hope. But better yet, we can keep moving forward.”

Until next year, let’s keep dreaming big, speaking louder, and embracing the world with openness!