Concordia Shanghai Jun 21 2022

Class of '22 Road to College: Julia Fang Off to Johns Hopkins University

Today we hear from a student who has found her passion in the written word, which she believes is at the heart of the human experience. In the future, she plans to utilize language to serve as a bridge between cultures and ideas.  


How did you feel when you got the news of your acceptance?

I was really excited and almost in disbelief when I got accepted. Now that the excitement has kind of died down, it still feels surreal that I'm going to be going to one of the top universities in the US. But I feel like more than anything, the secure feeling of knowing that I'm going to be in a place with passionate students and faculty that will help me grow and discover myself as a person is exciting. 

Do you know already which school you will attend, and can you tell us what makes it a good fit for you?

I will be attending Johns Hopkins University. I think that it is a good fit for me because they have a really strong English program, which is what I'm interested in. I've also heard great things about the professors and how they're really open to having close relationships with students. I think Hopkins is also the perfect size since I was looking for a school that was small enough to have a close-knit community but big enough for there to always be new, diverse groups of people that I could meet. And lastly, I think that I just had a gut feeling that I would fit in with the general vibe of Hopkins students. I like an environment of students that are passionate and driven in academics, but are able to relax from time to time and enjoy the college experience, and I think Hopkins is the perfect balance of that for me.


Is there a particular program or field of study you want to pursue? 

I applied for an English major, but I would still consider myself undecided. I'm open to almost anything in the humanities, and I'm still willing to explore STEM majors as well, which is why I'm really stoked about going to Johns Hopkins, where there are so many research opportunities available. 

In your opinion, what made your application stand out?

I think the fact that I really emphasized Baltimore in my supplemental essay was one factor. I also think the fact that my personal statement was about rock climbing, a sport that isn't all that popular or common, and my supplement was about creative makeup helped showcase really different facets of my personality. Lastly, I think that my interest in creative writing, which differs from the majority of students that apply to a research university like JHU, helped me stand out. 

Learn more about University Acceptances for the Class of 2022Which classes, programs, and/or faculty at Concordia helped support your interest in your planned field of study?

Mrs. Furth definitely supported me in all my creative writing endeavors, whether it be encouraging me in my writing in AL Storytelling Agency or writing recommendation letters for summer creative writing programs. She really encouraged me to express my ideas in class and delve deeper into the subject.


Are there any other activities (clubs, teams, projects) that had a significant impact on you during your time at Concordia? 

I started Concordia's first acapella group with the help of Mrs. Ideker, and I believe that this ensemble has shaped my experience at Concordia and my identity as a musician and leader. I'm even more fascinated with music than I ever was before, and being able to look back on the past few months and see the fun times, performances, and music that we've made just makes me so proud and excited. I think the performing arts program is such an important part of the high school experience, and despite what people say about the importance of academic rigor, art is a core part of the human experience, and it's essential to continue to nurture this type of passion in students. 

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