Concordia Shanghai May 26 2022

Class of '22 Road to College: Always Open to Explore

This weeks Road to College follows a high school senior who has discovered and pursued a wide range of passions through various channels offered at the school.

She is curious about biomedicine, intrigued by the charm of reading, and harbors a love for theatre. She has an ambition for scientific research, though the path in which she gets to that goal is still yet to be discovered. Always open to explore new horizons, she sets no limit for herself. 


How did you feel when you got the news of your acceptance?

The decision letter was sent out at about 5 a.m., so I woke up very early to check my decisions. When I saw the confetti and the acceptance, my whole body was wracked with the feeling of pure joy. It was so amazing to not only be able to share the news with my parents but also with some of my peers who had also stayed up/woken up early. Later that morning as I watched the sun rise, there was this new feeling of calm as I pondered this idea of a new beginning. 

Do you know already which school you will attend, and can you tell us what makes it a good fit for you?

Yes! I will be attending Northwestern University. Northwestern places a lot of emphasis on its interdisciplinary studies, with many students taking on an extra major, minor, or certificate. I really appreciate the fact that I will be able to explore my wide range of passions there – from theatre to STEM and everything in between. Moreover, Northwestern also has a great location and a collaborative environment that is made up of so many different students, which makes this an even more fitting school for me. 


Is there a particular program or field of study you want to pursue?

I am currently a neuroscience major; however, I have thought about switching majors or picking up another major/minor related to theatre. I know that I eventually want to go into STEM and do research, but the path in which I get to that goal is still yet to be discovered. 

In your opinion, what made your application stand out?

I would say that it was my grades as well as my wide array of extracurricula made me stand out. I was quite a good student, and I was also an active member of the community, which I think managed to grab the attention of the admissions officers. I would also like to believe that my recommendation letters which detailed the kind of student I was in the classroom also helped to increase my chances at being accepted.

Which classes, programs, and/or faculty at Concordia helped support your interest in your planned field of study?

AL Independent Research gave me the opportunity to spend time in the lab and realize that research was a huge passion of mine. Mr. Barrientes had such a great energy, and he was very supportive to all of us, even if some of us were less experienced than others. Moreover, being able to learn from Mr. Gordon in both AP Biology and AL Epidemiology was a great experience, and I’m so thankful that he took so much time to teach us the content and inspire us as students. He has this amused smile whenever we get excited about something biology-related and for some reason that was super encouraging. I would also like to thank Mrs. Deetlefs for helping me rediscover my love for reading and helping me to understand that perhaps studying English might be part of my future after all. 


Are there any other activities (clubs, teams, projects) that had a significant impact on you during your time at Concordia?

My most important extracurricular activity would have to be theatre. The theatre was such a collaborative environment, and I learned a lot about leadership and my leadership style when I started stage managing. It also gave me the opportunity to explore an artistic side of me that I don’t usually get to tap into and taught me an incredible amount about persevering over even the more surprising obstacles. Theatre has truly been such a highlight of my high school experience and I’m not sure I would be who I am without it. 

How do you anticipate your college life?

I have been at Concordia for a really long time, and so being able to go to a new place, identify myself the way I want to and start with a blank slate is really cool and really special. I’m also looking forward to meeting so many new people and exploring the world from a variety of different, novel lenses. 

Do you have any advice for Concordia freshmen just starting their high school years?

I want to tell them that they should enjoy high school while it lasts, because these four years will offer really unique experiences. They should also treasure the moments they have to spend with their friends and people they love, because time flies and before they know it these four years will be over. Also, for the juniors who are about to enter into this college admissions process, I want to tell them that I know it can be very nerve-wracking walking into this, but I hope that they don’t stress too hard and that they realize that college applications are all about watching the last 3+ years come to fruition. At the end of the day, everything will work out the way it should and they will end up in the place where they’re supposed to you.  

Stay tuned for more stories from the Class of 2022 as they continue their journey on the road to college. 

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