Concordia Shanghai May 19 2022

Class of '22 Road to College: Driven by Passion

This week, our Road to College series continues with a student who has been at Concordia since Grade 4. She has gained friendship and happiness from school activities such as cheerleading and dance clubs, and honed her academic interests through specialized high school courses.

She is now preparing to head off to her best-fit university, and the cherished memories of Concordia will be a strong support for her future.


How did you feel when you got the news of your acceptance? 

Even though I said I wouldn’t, I ended up accidentally staying up until 5/6 am to see my acceptance. But right before the news came, I took a 20-minute nap (in which I dreamed I got accepted). I woke up to my friend JingXi calling to remind me to check my results, and I remember being weirdly calm as I clicked through the portal. Because I hadn’t really slept, my acceptance felt a lot like a fever dream that entire day. I was definitely really happy and relieved because I felt this gigantic weight or anxiety kind of lift off my shoulders. 

Do you know already which school you will attend, and can you tell us what makes it a good fit for you? 

I will be attending UChicago (the University of Chicago) in the fall as I applied ED1. I was honestly really drawn to the culture at UChicago and specifically the programs of study that matched my interests. UChicago’s focus on academics and promoting discourse and a healthy exploration of intellectual subjects is what I value a lot in the school — I was drawn to how their core curriculum operates and how there are so many opportunities to learn about subjects I’m interested in even if they’re outside of my major. A lot of aspects of the school — like their housing approach or school-wide traditions appealed to me because it seemed so catered to allowing individuals to feel comfortable and be themselves without needing to conform. Most of all, I really liked UChicago’s Law, Letters, and Society (LLSO) program, which is an interdisciplinary social science major that combines all my areas of interest. 


Is there a particular program or field of study you want to pursue?

I applied for sociology, but I am interested in others like political science and also the LLSO program.

In your opinion, what made your application stand out? 

I’m not sure about this but I think I did spend a lot of effort in trying to perfect my supplemental writings. I wrote maybe 14 different personal statements and tried really hard for my UChicago supplemental essays — the uncommon essay and the why UChicago essay. I did a lot of research on UChicago too — which helped me grow to like the school more and more, which maybe showed in my writing.  

Which classes, programs, and/or faculty at Concordia helped support your interest in your planned field of study? 

I’m really grateful to the teachers I’ve had in high school in general. For my interests specifically, I think my sophomore year AP human geography class (and teacher Mr. Potter) really helped me solidify an interest in sociology/political science. Before sophomore year, I didn’t really have an idea on what I wanted to major in. A lot of teachers since then have helped me strengthen my interest and excitement for my planned field of study — International Relations with Mr. Paulson, Comparative Government with Mr. Sgourdos, AP Language with Mr. Richmond, and more. I’ve learned a lot from just hearing my teachers talk and asking them questions.   


Are there any other activities (clubs, teams, projects) that had a significant impact on you during your time at Concordia?

There are a lot — there are so many great people and groups here. I have been here since fourth grade. I think specifically, cheerleading, dance and band have shaped me the most during my time at Concordia, and I’m really grateful for the personal growth and community I’ve found through each of these activities. I would say cheerleading has allowed me to change the most. In general, I’ve learned a lot and grown a lot through interacting with my peers. 

Do you have any advice to our high school students?

The college application process is a stressful time, but make sure that you surround yourself constantly with people that support you. Having a good work-life balance is what makes the process manageable. It can be a really fun thing if you take it lighter and easier. 

Stay tuned for more stories from the Class of 2022 as they continue their journey on the road to college. 

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