Concordia Shanghai Feb 2 2024

Concordia Alumna Charts Successful Path from Concordia to Apple

Meet Ziyue Qian, a Concordia Class of ’18 alumna excelling in the tech world as a software engineer at Apple. Her journey from Concordia Shanghai to Wellesley College, and now thriving in the vibrant tech scene of San Francisco, is nothing short of inspiring.  

Ziyue Qian
Software Engineer at Apple

Wellesley College Class of 2022
Concordia Shanghai Class of 2018

Concordia-Shanghai-Alumni-Ziyue-Designing the Future at Apple 

Ziyue currently serves as a software engineer in Apple’s Special Projects Group, where she dives into the world of User Interface design. It’s a job that blends creativity with technical prowess, and Ziyue clearly revels in the excitement it brings. 

Software engineering captured Ziyue’s interest during her college years and evolved into a deep-seated passion. Her hard work in the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) lab, her active involvement in LeetCode sessions, career fairs, and mock interviews all paved the way for landing her a job at Apple. 


A Scholarly Passion for Humanities

Beyond her tech expertise, Ziyue is also passionate about political science and the humanities, an interest she was able to actively pursue during her time in high school.   

Her National History Day (NHD)* experience was a highlight, where close mentorship by teachers not only sparked her interest in research but also honed her critical thinking skills. That eventually led her to the national competition. She was also encouraged to try out for the forensics team after taking a debate class, where she wrote a speech on Islamophobia, inspired by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict she studied for her NHD project. 

* National History Day is an esteemed academic competition for middle and high school students in the U.S. The event challenges students to deeply research a historical event, aligning with an annual theme, and creatively present their findings. It was Mark Johnson, a former Concordia history teacher, who brought NHD to China in 2009. 


Concordia: Shaping Educational & Personal Growth  

"Concordia has provided me with the skillset and confidence to tackle any challenges or goals."  

In 2014, Ziyue arrived at Concordia, transitioning from a bilingual school in Shanghai. Though initially uncertain in the new setting, she soon found her footing thanks to the school’s nurturing environment. The blend of a supportive community, personalized guidance, and motivation to venture beyond her comfort zone laid a solid foundation for her growth, enriching her both academically and personally. 

“Concordia’s commitment to caring for each student individually, even the quieter ones, fosters an environment where academic help and personal attention are readily available.”   

Ziyue soon moved beyond her reserved nature to actively participate in debates, APAC Forensics, and student government at Concordia, which played a key role in developing her public speaking and leadership skills. She also carried this self-assurance into college and beyond.    


Ziyue is currently thriving in the dynamic and lively environment of San Francisco, where she indulges in her love for outdoor adventures like snowboarding, surfing, and hiking. Looking ahead, she has her sights set on graduate school in the near future. 

So here’s to Ziyue, who reminds us how quiet beginnings can lead to rich, diverse journeys of personal and professional growth.