Concordia Shanghai Feb 16 2022

Concordia College Counsellor Helps Secure Student Spot at Harvard


When provided with the right tools and support, there is no limit to what your children can accomplish.

Concordia’s college counseling program is designed to help guide your children throughout the college application process and provide admission counselling. This process begins four years before they expect to graduate, and in some cases even earlier, so it’s important for your children to have a knowledgeable and experienced guide throughout the duration of this exciting journey.

One Concordia student knows firsthand how instrumental having access to college admissions counselling services can be to help them achieve goals they may not have otherwise been aware of, nevermind met and surpassed. 

Ivan Lee, a recent Concordia graduate, earned a spot in a highly competitive summer program at Harvard University called the Research Science Institute (RSI), a program known to have a less than 3 percent acceptance rate. 

“At the time, I had just finished my first year of independent research and I wanted to continue working on biology over the summer. Amongst the camps I was considering, RSI stood out because it is centered around one-on-one research mentorships,” said Lee.

Ivan is just one example among many successful Concordia graduates. To learn more about how Concordia students excel, click here. 

Lee, who hopes to be accepted into a biology and philosophy double major, personally worked with Dr. Jin, a post doctorate at Harvard, on designing and testing algorithms for decoding molecular recorder data.

“It was pretty intense but throughout it all, I gained confidence in my research abilities and learned to appreciate the mathematical elegance of biological systems,” said Lee. 

The journey was not an easy one, but thanks to the support of experienced and dedicated college counsellor Patrick Love and the Concordia community, Lee thrived in the program and took full advantage of the incredible research opportunity granted to him.

“These lectures exposed me to new, fascinating fields of science and I was starstruck to say the least.”

Love began working with Lee four years ago when Lee was in 9th grade. The college counselling program is designed to start early, so your children can begin necessary preparations to meet competitive requirements for programs like RSI that are earned by merit. 

“They're very selective and competitive and they're going to be very specialized in experiences that you really couldn't just pay for. You really have to earn these things,” said Love of Lee’s accomplishment.

Lee was able to personally benefit from Love’s tireless efforts in supporting his students via the college counselling program. Lee learned of the RSI program from Love’s 40+ page research document on international programs within reach of Concordia students and was provided with guidance along the way. 

Love invested hours into researching exclusive pre-college programs in order to help his students access the information they need. The focus of his efforts was on highly selective and competitive programs with challenging requirements.

Collge-application-process_750x500One benefit Concordia students receive from the college admissions counselling service is experienced throughout the entire college application process, which can be a major relief for your busy children. According to Lee, Love’s guidance played an instrumental role in his journey to RSI, as well as completing his college application. 

“Mr. Love has been an awesome resource in the college application process. He helped me brainstorm college essay ideas, edit drafts, and select schools for my college list. Most importantly, he provided the much-needed emotional support that helped me finish my applications with my sanity intact.”

But for Love, helping his students discover their potential is what the college counselling program is all about. 

“It's really a privilege to be able to work with many, many students I've met along the way in what I do. And so that's something I'm really grateful for. I look forward to the next Ivan.”

The Concordia community is happy to announce that Ivan is now attending Harvey Mudd College to study Math, Physics and Computer Science.

A robust college counselling program is just one of many reasons Concordia students excel.


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