Concordia Shanghai Apr 1 2022

Concordia Freshman Publishes Book on Evolution of Drone Technology

We are blessed at Concordia to have such passionate students who seek opportunities to share their knowledge and skills with others. One such student, Shreyas Sharma (Class of 2025), has just published a book on drone technology while he’s been on home-based learning.

Concordis-student-drone-book-1Titled “The Evolving Landscape of Drones”, the book covers in its 120 pages the applications of drone technology in various industries. Shreyas, who himself is an official authorized Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) pilot, has also made 30 sketches of drones which can be seen throughout the publication.

When asked what prompted him to write this book, Shreyas tells us his inspiration came from quite a few sources. “Mr. Chowning's coffee with Mr. C's videos truly acted as great motivation and encouragement to try something new. Along with support from Dr. Tong and Mr. Roger Chu, I was able to complete this book during home-based learning.”

In fact, in his book Shreyas acknowledges and thanks his mentors, Concordia high school teacher Dr. Peter Tong and Mr. Chu, for their support and for the insights into robotics and drone technology they’ve shared with him. “Both have given me their valuable time and attention to coach me, and always encouraged me to experiment,” he writes.

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Always looking for the next big project, and always seeking opportunities to expand his skills, Shreyas co-founded Concordia’s drone club Phoenix Squadron, whose mission is to give students an opportunity to learn more about drones and how they can be incorporated into daily life. The club’s mesmerizing drone shows, with their synchronized maneuvers and professional techniques, have wowed audiences at numerous Concordia community events, including last year’s Christmas Tree Lightning celebration.

What’s next for Shreyas and the Phoenix Drone Club?

With the guidance and mentorship from Dr. Tong, the club is hoping to use a fleet of 50 micro-drones to portray vivid and colorful images in the night sky and is also looking at developing high-speed autonomous drones, with the ability to pilot themselves in real-time. Shreyas and his co-founder Marcus C. are really looking forward to bringing these state-of-the-art technologies to Concordia students, allowing them to experience and learn firsthand. Phoenix Squadron is definitely something to look up for!

The experience he has gained through the drone club has had a significant influence on Shreyas. He claims, “Without the experience, guidance, and kindness of the Concordia Community, it would have been impossible to have the deep learning of drones. He adds, “I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities Concordia has provided me, and for their trust.”