Concordia Shanghai Feb 20 2024

Concordia Mathematicians Explore the Beauty of Math

Math class at Concordia isn't just about equations and calculators. It's where art meets algebra, and creativity collides with calculus! In the Integrated Mathematics I course, a staple for all 9th graders, Mr. Matthew Wolodzko is leading a math revolution. Here, students aren't just number crunchers; they're artists in the making. 

ConocrdiaSH- math-art


Math Gets a Colorful Makeover

Take, for example, the class’s Linear Art Desmos Project, which is not your typical math assignment. Armed with the Desmo polygon tool, our young mathematicians delve into the world of linear functions, but with a twist. They even mixed in a splash of color using the RGB color system. Think of it as giving math a makeover.

This project isn't just about plotting points; it's a playground for aspiring animators and retro game designers. The skills students are exploring here are the same used for designing sprites for throwback video games from the 80s and 90s? 


But the innovation doesn't stop there. Thanks to a digital classroom setup, Mr. Wolodzko could peek into each student's coding and design process in real-time. This wasn't just a math lesson; it was a masterclass in communication and collaboration, perfectly in tune with 21st-century learning.  

Spiraling into Creativity

For another one of Mr. Wolodzko's projects, students explored the fascinating qualities of the golden ratio, the properties of which mathematicians have studied since antiquity. But, of course, our students were challenges to put their own creative spin on it, which lead to some pretty impressive spiral artworks.


Polar Equations Blossom

Over in Dr. Peter Tong’s Honors Precalculus class, the creative streak continued. Students used polar equations to cultivate a garden of blooming flowers. To see this math-art fusion in action, don’t miss the recap video. It’s like a botanical garden, but with equations.


Learning Beyond Boundaries

At Concordia, it's not just about learning across disciplines; it's about discovering new potentials. These projects are more than the sum of their parts; they're a testament to the power of interdisciplinary thinking. 


“An interdisciplinary project allows students to learn the independent skills of each discipline involved in the project, while gaining inspiration and appreciation for the beauty of the interconnectedness of ideas,” notes Mr. Wolodzko. 


Kudos to all the students for their incredible creative math skills! Their work brilliantly illustrates how blending different fields can lead to extraordinary outcomes. 

It's clear that Concordia’s math teachers are not just preparing students for exams, but for a world where thinking outside the box is the key to success.