Concordia Shanghai Aug 26 2022

Concordia Shanghai Is Ready for the New School Year!

What an exciting countdown to the start of school! We are so very pleased to share with you the many exciting changes that have taken place on campus over the past few months in anticipation of the return of our students. 

New Faculty 


We are blessed to have a new team of high-caliber teachers joining us for the new school year, despite travel and quarantine. Nearly half of them were hired from countries outside of China, with previous teaching experience either in schools in North America or international schools across the globe. 70% hail from North America and have arrived in Shanghai safe and sound, ready to kick off a new school year full of learning! We believe a more diverse faculty composed of educators with a global perspective and vision will certainly help our students to grow as global citizens.  

All faculty members have been successfully onboarded and have been back on campus for the past few weeks. Full of enthusiasm, they have been working hard organizing and decorating their classrooms and preparing everything they need for classes to begin. 

New Additions to Campus


Our campus received a range of upgrades over the summer to improve the functionality and accessibility of our facilities. To name a few, we have upgraded playgrounds and fitness facilities, renovated gyms, and added a brand-new High School Digital Maker Space.  

We also have new additions to our ELL (English Language Learner) Department, which will better allow us to focus on creating a learning environment that celebrates student culture and strengths through the lens of language development. And continued planning is under way for the inception of our Innovation Center, which will deepen the STEM program and support innovative use of educational technology. Stay tuned for further updates!  

Additionally, the campus will further undergo a deep disinfection and cleaning of all areas before the school opens. 

Concordia is ready for the start of the 2022-23 school year and we prepared to warmly welcome our community back to campus this September. As our Word of the Year is HOPE, we look forward to an exciting future that lies ahead.