Concordia Shanghai Jan 9 2024

Concordia Students Excel in Shanghai Micro Video Contest

Students from Concordia participated in the Shanghai International School Students Micro Video Competition this year, achieving impressive success with seven awards. Under the theme "Beauty of Shanghai in My Eyes," they expressed their unique perspectives on the city's culture and charm. Their videos, enriched by fluent Mandarin, resonated emotionally with viewers, reflecting the students' dedication and skill.

Award Winners:

  • Elementary School Category:
    • 1st Prize: Christy S. (Grade 4), Cynthia K. (Grade 5)
    • 2nd Prize: Jasmine W., Derek T. (Grade 5)
  • Middle School Category:
    • 2nd Prize: Jacky C. (Grade 6)
  • High School Category:
    • 1st Prize: Victoria W. (Grade 11)
    • 2nd Prize: Priscillia C. (Grade 9)

The competition, organized by the Shanghai Education Commission, Shanghai Science and Technology Arts Center, and Shanghai Education TV (SETV), provided a platform for both international school students and students in international divisions of local schools to showcase the beauty of Shanghai through micro videos. Concordia's seven winners stood out among 144 entries.


Each winner highlighted a unique aspect of Shanghai's allure. For Jacky C., it was the iconic skyscrapers of Pudong and the historic Bund of Puxi. Victoria W. found beauty in Zhoujiazui Road, a "living fossil" of the city, and its rich historical architecture. For Cynthia K., the essence of Shanghai was captured in her grandmother's Red Braised Pork, a cherished dish symbolizing love and culinary heritage.

Concordia-Shanghai-Beauty-of-Shanghai-2In December, Cynthia K. represented Concordia in an exclusive SETV interview on the program “Grow Together,” alongside Mandarin Director Ms. Jenny Tang. She shared the story behind her video "Grandma’s Red Braised Pork." This traditional Shanghainese dish, which Cynthia’s grandmother prepares for her each time she visits, is a representation of her grandmother's affection. Cynthia aspires to learn the recipe to carry on the legacy of Chinese culinary culture and familial love. Watch Cynthia's winning video below!


Congratulations to all the winners and a heartfelt thank you to the Mandarin teachers for their exceptional guidance. We look forward to seeing more Concordia students confidently showcasing their creativity and talent in future endeavors!