Concordia Shanghai Dec 13 2023

Concordia's Winston W is Winning at Badminton and Beyond

At Concordia, we are committed to fostering personal growth in our students, allowing them to flourish organically. This approach has led to our students excelling in various fields, from athletic competitions to performing arts.

One outstanding example is Winston W., a Grade 10 student at Concordia. Winston, who has been with Concordia since Preschool, is a member of our championship varsity badminton team and recently starred as a lead actor in the high school’s fall play, “A Wrinkle in Time.” Demonstrating his talents beyond the school, last month Winston clinched 2nd place in the Li Ning Super Cup Final Badminton Championship for the 2008-2011 Team Category, further proving his multifaceted abilities. 


Balancing Academics and Passions

The success of this Concordia student in balancing external achievements with a busy school schedule is impressive. It highlights their exceptional planning, organization, and dedication. Balancing these commitments is a testament to their remarkable time management and goal-oriented approach. 

For Winston, badminton is more than just a sport; it is an important part of his life. Inspired by his grandfather, a pioneering member of the China Badminton National Team in the 1960s who played alongside renowned players like Hou Jia Chang and Tang Xian Hu. Winston began playing badminton at the age of 8 and this journey in sports has taught him invaluable lessons that go well beyond enhancing his physical skills and mental well-being. 

“One key takeaway is that losing does not equate to accepting defeat. It teaches me to train harder and strive for improvement. This mindset of persistence and resilience in the face of setbacks has played a crucial role in my personal growth and development.”

— Winston W.  


The Journey in Sports and Life Lessons

Since joining Concordias badminton team in Grade 9, Winston has dedicated himself to mastering his sport, making him a formidable force on the court. With the return of APAC sports travel in April 2023, he and his team competed in the APAC Badminton tournament in Beijing, where under the guidance of the coaches, Mr. Miguel Carreon, Mr. Brad Beckman, Mr. Adam Duckworth and Mr. Hugo Mao, they triumphed as Boys Team Champions 1st place among other schools. In July 2023, he further showcased his skills by securing a 3rd place finish in the Li Ning Open championship Boys Doubles category U14, alongside his badminton school teammate George K. (G11). 

“As a second-year varsity badminton standout, Winston is not merely relying on innate talent but also leveraging his tournament experience to contribute significantly to the team. This anticipation of substantial contributions extends beyond the scoreboard, encompassing his potential to inspire and elevate the team's overall performance.”

— Mr. Miguel Carreon, head coach of Concordia’s varsity badminton team


Pursuing Passions Beyond Badminton

In addition to his involvement in sports, Winston enthusiastically participates in choir and theater. He is an member of the Chamber Singers Choir, under the direction of Mr. Tom Ford, where he showcases his exceptional vocal talents alongside his fellow choir members. Furthermore, he has been engaged in theater since middle school, actively taking part in various productions as both a cast member and a lead actor. His unwavering dedication and extensive involvement in these artistic pursuits demonstrate his broad range of interests and exceptional abilities. 

“Passion fuels our motivation to push ourselves further and achieve excellence,” shares Winston.

Looking ahead, Winston is enthusiastic about another season of Badminton excellence and is prepared to pursue his passion while exploring new opportunities to ready himself for a future path of his own.

Winston stands out as an exceptional student at Concordia, surrounded by equally talented peers. Keep an eye out for more stories showcasing our inspiring students.