Concordia Shanghai Jan 22 2024

Creative Fusion: Concordia Students Learn from Artist Bi Rongrong

It’s not every day that our students get the chance to collaborate with an award-winning artist. However, thats exactly what happened this week when the celebrated Shanghai artist Bi Rongrong visited Concordia, bringing a fresh wave of creative energy to our high school visual arts program.
Concordia-Shanghai-artist-1-1Her visit kicked off with an engaging evening session, where Bi Rongrong opened up about her artistic journey to both our school community and visiting art enthusiasts. This glimpse into the life of a working artist was not just informative; it provided a real-world perspective on creating and exhibiting art.

The following day, our AP Visual Art and Open Studio Art students plunged into an immersive, all-day workshop with the artist. Beyond learning new techniques, students were able to delve into a rich spectrum of artistic expression. Having access to the insights and expertise of a practicing artist like Bi Rongrong was a source of excitement and inspiration for our students.

Concordia-Shanghai-artist-4-1Rongrong’s art is a unique blend of traditional Chinese landscape techniques and contemporary flair, a style she has refined through post-graduate residencies in the UK and Germany. Her works are a captivating interplay of natural and manufactured elements, embracing diverse media like LED lights and animation. Rongrong exemplifies STEAM in action, a fact recently celebrated by her recognition in Rolls Royce’s “Spirit of Ecstasy Challenge” in London.

Bi Rongrong’s visit is a testament to Concordia’s dedication to offering exceptional, real-world experiences to our students. It serves as a vibrant reminder of the expansive and dynamic nature of the art world. Here’s to fostering more such inspiring opportunities in the future!