Concordia Shanghai Mar 14 2024

Discover the Triumph of NHD China 2024 at Concordia Shanghai

This year, the National History Day China (NHD China) student competition made its triumphant return to Concordia Shanghai. A total of 425 students from 16 international schools across China converged on our campus, having crafted distinctive reflections of history through research papers, exhibits, documentaries, websites, and stage performances.

Concordia-Shanghai-NHD-China-1-1NHD is the oldest and most highly regarded history program in the U.S. for middle and high school students.

Judges hailing from these schools actively engaged with the ambitious student researchers, who showcased their talents in writing, web design, and filmmaking.

“I was overwhelmed by the passion and quality of so many of the projects. I saw examples of detailed and in-depth research, creative primary source use, unique and interesting topics, fresh historical arguments, and passionate communicators,” notes Mr. Shane Twaddell, NHD China affiliate


Student Stand-outs

Big congrats to all the students who'll be strutting their stuff at the NHD Nationals in Washington DC! Concordia students took home an array of awards, including but definitely not limited to:

  • Derek D. (G7)
    First Place - Jr. Division Individual Performance
    Black Saturday: The Cuban Missile Crisis
  • Josephine W. (G10), Daniel W. (G10), Christine Y. (G11)
    Second Place - Sr. Division Group Documentary
    Loving v. Virginia
  • Emily C. & Joanna W. (G10)
    Second Place - Sr. Division Group Exhibit
    Revolutionizing Communication: The First Telephone

“NHD gave me a huge opportunity on challenging myself while collaborating with my friend. It fosters our thinking skills and organization because we not only need to look for good primary sources, but also to decide how to arrange our information on the exhibit board to make it look organized.”—Joanna W. 

  • Monica X. & Rei A. (G10)
    Second Place - Sr. Division Group Website
    An Ethical Evolution: How the Atrocities of the Nazi Regime Transformed Eugenics' Public Image Forever

“It's a great opportunity to strengthen time management, research, cooperation, and presentation skills while learning about our past. Looking forward to experiencing Nationals!” — Rei A.

“NHD brings passionate and knowledgeable students across China to express interest in history in different ways. It's a really fun and fascinating way to learn about historical events and their impacts.” —Monica X.

  • Ingrid L. & Sari Z. (G10)
    Third Place (Alternate) - Sr. Division Group Exhibit
    The Significance of the Potsdam Conference

“It was nerve-wracking as NHD approached. When it was our turn to present, all the countless hours and dedication spent in class preparing for this day paid off. This was a wonderful journey, and its impact on me is immeasurable.”—Ingrid L.

“I never anticipated that we would be honored with an award at the event. Our presentation grew more refined as the interview unfolded, everything went according to plan. I am immensely proud of my team.” —Sari Z.


The Power of History

For our student participants, NHD is a truly memorable experience—not just the event itself, but the months of research, frantic texting, and late-night work that culminated in them having so much knowledge on obscure topics.

NHD benefits students and teachers alike. In addition to the official NHD event, there was a professional development opportunity for social studies educators hosted at Concordia from March 7-8, led by Ms. Lynne M. O’Hara and Ms. Kim Fortney, the keynote speakers at this year's event.

As Mr. Twaddell emphasizes, “National History Day takes all the best aspects of history and helps students apply them in a real and interesting way that extends beyond the classroom. I can’t wait to see what comes through the contest doors next year!