Brandon Fisher Apr 10 2018

Early Childhood Principal Shares with Parents Tips for Life Success


Nurturing Success Through the Concordia Early Childhood Program

Research has determined what is important for very young children to be successful, not only in school, but also in life. This parents-only event, hosted by Concordia Early Childhood Division Principal, Mr. Drew Gerdes, highlighted information on self-regulation, executive functions, and social-emotional learning and how these three pillars serve as a foundational component for a young child's development and growth.

“At Concordia, we look to make a child’s early school experience successful in many different ways. When we partner research and child development together, we allow a platform to be built where future successes are housed,” explains Gerdes.
The coffee morning was heavily attended by current and incoming pre-school parents (SY 2018-19) who came to learn more about the classroom practices at Concordia. These parents left with insightful strategies to practice and support learning from home.