Adam Duckworth Jan 23 2024

Empowering 'Left-Behind' Children through Service with Shining Star

Last November, students from Concordia International School Shanghai embarked on a service trip to a village near Guangzhou, connected to Shining Star charity. Shining Star dedicates its efforts to supporting "left-behind" children - young individuals whose parents often work in distant cities, leaving them in the care of relatives or friends. Shining Star provides children with emotional support and financial assistance, including scholarships, to help brighten their futures.


During this visit, our students engaged directly with the children at one of Shining Star’s community outreach centres. They prepared and conducted a series of educational and motivational activities aimed at boosting the children's self-esteem. These activities included interactive lessons, creatively designed to be both meaningful and fun.


In addition to the educational aspect, our students organised various engaging activities such as “I am” bracelet making, which not only served as a fun craft but also a way to promote positive self-image. The parachute activity was another highlight, promoting teamwork and collective joy among the children. The finale involved the children writing down “加油“ statements on cardboard feathers, which were stuck on the wall of the community centre in the shape of wings and later formed the background for the children to take photo’s next to the collection of statements.


The Shining Star trip was truly eye-opening. We had the privilege of teaching English to children, but more than that, the bonds we formed with them and witnessing their enthusiasm for learning were my biggest takeaways. I hope to foster the same excitement in my own learning. 
Sonja Lim


This service trip was not only a chance to provide support and companionship to the children of Shining Star, but it also offered our students a valuable opportunity to learn about empathy, cultural exchange, and the importance of community service.