Concordia Shanghai Jan 16 2024

Exciting College Adventures from the Class of 2023

As we settle into the new year, we are elated to hear updates from our Class of ’23 alumni. Most have completed their first semester in their chosen colleges and universities. In this installment of ‘Graduate Voices from College,’ some of them recount their enriching experiences, which we hope will provide insight and inspiration to our current Concordia students.

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Elena Semler -- Baylor University

A member of the Hankamer Scholars program (accelerated/honors business program), Elena is double majoring in Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation and International Business. She is also a Chinese Language minor taking Chinese classes at the Draper Academic Building, one of her favorite spots on campus.

“I have been meeting so many amazing people, particularly in my residence hall (an international community). Many of my professors have taken a great interest in my success in not only their class but also in my success outside of school. ”

While enjoying herself at Baylor, Elena is an ambitious entrepreneur, planning to start her own social enterprise while in college.

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Jeffery Tu -- Northwestern University

Jeffery’s college journey is progressing smoothly. Despite facing rigorous courses, he finds time to socialize with friends and classmates who have been a great support network.

“I am in a special program named Mathematical Methods in Social Science, and the small cohort creates a tight-knit community that has been incredibly supportive both academically and in my transition to college life.”

Jeffery is determined to make the most of it: he will pursue a triple major in Economics, Environmental Science, and Mathematical Methods in Social Science. His dream is to forge a career in sustainability—probably within the business world—and make a difference.

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Emily Liu -- Emerson College

A theater major at Emerson, Emily is trying to utilize her resources as much as possible. She has thrown herself into the world of performing arts, taking part in three productions that have allowed her to showcase her talents and collaborate with other creative minds.

“Emerson basically provides loads of on-campus opportunities operating like actual working fields for students to develop and experiment with. For example, we have a radio station targeting citizens in Boston (and often beyond) operated by our students under professional supervision; there are some TV studios on campus to help in recording our own Morning News Channels, reality shows, etc.; every weekend there will be shootings for film majors; and theater rehearsals are from 7pm-11pm (almost like a full-time acting job) everyday.”

As she looks ahead to the rest of her college years, Emily cannot wait to discover more about herself, her passions, and the world around her.

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Raymond Cao -- University of California Riverside

Raymond’s college journey has been both challenging and fulfilling. The UC system (except UC Berkeley) goes by quarters, which means his classes go by a lot faster compared to those offered in a semester.

“So far it’s been rewarding as I get to take some classes I never thought I would ever take and learn some new knowledge that will prepare me for the future.”

During his spare time, Raymond has taken up bouldering and rock climbing as a way to exercise and relieve stress. Following his passions developed during high school, he is planning to major in TFDP (Theatre, Film, and Digital Production) with an emphasis on acting. He is also applying for a pre-med track to fulfill his childhood dream of entering the medical field.

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Timmy Zhu -- New York University

Timmy is pursuing a major in Media Culture and Communications at NYU. While still exploring his career options, he remains optimistic and excited about the opportunities in front of him.

As he shares, one of the resources available that have been invaluable during his college journey is the NYU health center. In particular, its advising team and international team helped a lot with his transition to college.

Now Timmy is genuinely enjoying the time in New York City and appreciates the unique atmosphere of a “campus without walls.”

Thank you so much to our Class of 2023 alumni for sharing their college experiences with us! We wish their future endeavors be filled with nothing but success!