Concordia Shanghai Dec 7 2023

Harvard Student's Visit Inspires Concordia Singers

When we say 'Music is for life,' we're emphasizing that its impact goes beyond just music lessons; it resonates throughout our entire lives. This belief is a core part of Concordia's holistic educational philosophy, recognizing music education as not just a subject, but a vital element in overall personal development. 


Recently, our Chamber Singer Choir class had the opportunity to experience this philosophy in action. They received a virtual visit from a former student of our High School Choir Director, Tom Ford. Now a student at Harvard, the guest speaker shared his personal journey, highlighting how music education has significantly influenced his academic pursuits and career choices. His story is a testament to the lasting impact of music education in shaping life paths and aspirations. 

Bringing Harmony to Everyday Life

Spencer Lee, once a student under Mr. Ford during his teaching days in Korea, is currently a sophomore studying Chemistry at Harvard University. However, music remains an integral part of his life and has led him to the position of secretary at the Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum. 

Balancing a rigorous academic schedule, Spencer sees music as a welcome refuge from the stresses of his demanding studies. “Having choir as a way to destress and leave your burdens at the front door and not pick them back up when you leave is the biggest takeaway I got from choir.”   

Learn more about Concordia's Approach to Music Education

“I want the students to be inspired that music is a part of our lives and will be for a long, long time,” says Mr. Ford. “Our students have many choices in life.  I always challenge them to move forward with the things that they are passionate about. Hopefully, singing becomes a life-long love and passion for our students.”    


The Harvard student’s story resonated with our students. According to Cayden C.:

“Spencer’s story with music inspires me to make music my safe haven. He inspires me to continue engaging with music even if I major in a completely different field because we can confide in music.”  

Another senior Diya P. has been in choir since the beginning of middle school. As she says:

“Choir has become a space of sheer joy and great memories, and it has helped me develop my own confidence in singing as well as self-expression in general.”  


Also noteworthy is that both Cayden and Diya are members of The Chromatics, Concordia's very own acapella club, which delivered a moving performance earlier this year at the school's 25th anniversary ceremony.

These sentiments are echoed by Ella M. (Class of ’24), who sees choir as an integral part of her Concordia experience:

“In choir you learn how to collaborate, how to improve yourself, and how to have fun while creating beautiful music.”   

As our students continue their diverse academic and personal journeys, music remains a constant, harmonious companion, embodying our commitment to holistic education and lifelong learning.