Brandon Fisher May 15 2018

HS Applied Design Students Showcase Creative and Functional Work at Design/Process Exhibit


Over the course of the spring semester, students in the high school Applied Design class have been immersed in real-world-type design projects that had them exploring solutions to design problems around creative form and function applied to everyday items like fabrics, papers, clothing, and furnishings.
The Design/Process Exhibition, on display in the Hall of Flags until the end of May, showcases student work on their four major projects this term: Branding and Logo Development, T-Shirt and Poster Design, Surface Design and Fashion Design.
The show features the students’ finished products as well as their mood boards. Mood boards are an essential part of the real-world design process and offer a look inside the designer’s mind and their inspiration.

What to see in the show:

Branding and Logo Development

Students formed groups that acted as a design firm. Their first task was to strategically branded their company, including creating a company logo.

T-Shirt and Poster Design

For this project, students designed a t-shirt and poster for a musical act of their choice using their brand identity to inform their design choices. On display you’ll see 2D prototypes for the finished designs.

Surface Design

Students developed a surface design for a chair based on an art historical period of their choice. The art historical concept for their designs are depicted in their mood boards. 

Fashion Design

This project required students to invent a super hero or villain and design a costume for them using only non-traditional materials. Their mood boards provide an understanding of the development of both the character and costume.
The Applied Design course is one of several applied learning courses offered in Concordia’s high school. Applied Learning courses encourage academic vitality by asking students to identify and deepen their passions, while building unique connections between academic studies and real-world endeavors.