Concordia Shanghai Apr 8 2022

HS Student Volunteers to Help During Compound Lockdown

Despite the challenging time residents of Shanghai have been experiencing during the Zero-Covid lockdowns, we, the Concordia community, continue to work together to support each other.

As the city continues its efforts to contain the virus, many of our parents and teachers have given their time and energy to serve others, ensuring their basic needs are being met.

Members of our student body have also gotten involved. One student in particular has gone above and beyond to be of service to his community. Since March 26, high school student Ray C. (Class of 2023), who lives with his family in Phoenix Mansion, has joined the group of lockdown volunteers in his neighborhood to help and keep the community safe.

Student-volunteer-4Concordia junior Ray C. volunteers to assist with Covid testing and prevention during lockdown.

Ray’s first task was to distribute antigen test kits to residents in his compound, teaching them about self-testing procedures, and collecting their samples once they are finished. As he is fluent in both English and Mandarin, Ray also served as an interpreter for some of the expat residents in the building.

Student-volunteer-3Wearing PPE gear, Ray (left) and his fellow volunteer distributed the kits to each household in Building B of their compound.

By the time he had finished, his shirt was soaked with sweat and his neck had started to ache after several hours on his feet. “All I had in mind during those 3.5 hours was to put forth my best effort to ensure the safety of the residents by sending them enough test kits,” says Ray.

Over the following days, the boy continued to assist the community workers with NAT tests and picking up deliveries for residents.

Student-volunteer-1Ray helps guide residents during NAT testing, making sure they stay at a proper distance from one another.

Looking back on the service experience, Ray says that it has provided him with a vastly comprehensive and distinctive experience. “In retrospect, though it did become a bit repetitive and time-consuming, I still felt a great sense of contentment after me and my colleagues managed to pull through it. I realized that we had brought a substantial benefit to all the residents in our compound. I will keep on participating as a volunteer and serve my community as best as I can until all of us are freed from the Covid restrictions.”  

Ray’s parents, who were at first surprised to see their son taking the initiative to sign up as a volunteer, are very proud of him and supported his decision to help. “Without their encouragements, I wouldn’t have stayed as motivated as I am now to continue on my path as a volunteer,” adds Ray.