Brandon Fisher May 5 2019

Iris Kim, Class of 2018

Iris Kim, Class of 2018I think some of the most memorable and impactful moments in Choir/Fine arts would probably be the musicals and AMIS. The musicals were such a significant part of my life throughout high school due to my continuous dedication towards the theatre program. Learning and growing as a singer in musical theatre truly helped me develop my singing skills and learn about the differences between a musical theatre actress and a regular actress. Even though acting was my passion, being involved in the spring musical all four years of high school truly made me love my singing voice and generate this drive to become a stronger and healthier singer. It also convinced me to join choir my junior year because of how much I was learning from Mrs. Ideker in musical rehearsals. I truly found my place in Concordia because of my involvement in the musicals and I wish that high school students who aren’t in theatre would at least be involved in one musical throughout their high school experience.

AMIS was a completely different experience all together. Even though I only went to one AMIS conference, I learned more about my voice and my knowledge of music at AMIS than I have ever learned in my 6 years of choir experience (both at CISS and Dulwich). Choir was such a significant part of my upperclassman life in Concordia. Choir was my way to escape all the stress from my AP classes or regular classes and instead focus on my creative side. In college I am not a part of any shows due to how busy I have been with my major, but I did audition for the musical theatre minor so that I may take advanced musical theatre classes in college such as private one on one voice lessons or advanced dance lessons. I am planning on joining choir my sophomore year. I have attended a couple of shows at Michigan state to get a feeling of what it was like to perform here. As I go forward with life, I hope that I learn and grow as a singer and actress enough to participate in plays and musicals being held at MSU. Singing in a choir definitely influenced me to look for that same feeling of belonging I had in Concordia at Michigan state.