Julie McIntyre Oct 22 2021

Kindergarteners Celebrate and Share Their Amazing Writing

On October 15, 2021, all our kindergarten classes gathered in the gym to celebrate their collections of stories written during the first weeks of school. It was a wonderful sight to see and hear, as one hundred kindergarteners sprawled out on the gym floor to read their stories to their friends.


There were stories shared about families, friends, and pets. There were “I like…” stories and “I can…” stories. There were long stories and short stories. There were simple illustrations, and complex illustrations. But there was one thing constant shared by all…. HAVING FUN AND SHARING SMILES!


At Concordia, our kindergarten teachers demonstrate their deep commitment to helping our students develop into fine authors. When it is writing time in our kindergarten classrooms, you will see our students highly focused, committed to their stories by adding details, checking their letter/sound correctness, and illustrating pictures with beautiful colors and artwork. The students amaze us with their talent.


Then as the students shared their pieces with one another, you see their pride of accomplishment shine through. Developing pride of accomplishments and confident learners in academics are important learning goals at Concordia. However, developing compassionate, kind, wise and reflective children is a goal of equal importance. Events like today, celebrated all of these things and we are very proud of our kindergarteners and every student enrolled in the EC Division.