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Charting Your Own Path: Personalized Professional Development at Concordia Shanghai

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In the ever-evolving field of education, continuous professional development for educators is vital for teachers to stay at the forefront of teaching practices and provide the best learning experiences for students. At Concordia International School Shanghai, we place a strong emphasis on ongoing learning and personalized professional development for our faculty and staff. Join us as we explore the value of professional development for educators, the opportunities available at Concordia Shanghai, and how you can chart your own path of professional growth within our vibrant community of dedicated educators. 

Professional Development for Educators at Concordia Shanghai

Professional development for educators is not just a box to check off; it’s a fundamental component of our commitment to excellence in education at Concordia Shanghai. We believe that investing in the growth and development of our faculty and staff leads to enhanced teaching practices and improved student outcomes.  Our school values and prioritizes ongoing learning by providing a wide range of professional development opportunities tailored to the unique needs and goals of our educators.

The Value of Professional Development for Educators

Continuing education is crucial for educators to stay current with the latest research, trends and best practices in the field of education. At Concordia Shanghai, we recognize that professional growth is a journey that never ends. By engaging in ongoing learning, our educators deepen their knowledge, refine their instructional strategies, and expand their toolkit of teaching approaches. This commitment to continuing education aligns with our mission to provide an exceptional learning experience for our students.

Personalizing Professional Development

At Concordia Shanghai, we understand that each educator has unique interests, strengths and professional goals. We value personalized professional development, allowing our faculty to chart their own path of growth. An annual stipend of $1,400USD is provided to each faculty member to spend on the professional development opportunity of their choosing. 

Whether it's pursuing advanced degrees, attending conferences, participating in workshops, or engaging in self-directed learning, we provide moral and financial support for our educators. Personalized professional development empowers our faculty to explore their passions, enhance their expertise and bring new ideas and strategies into the classroom

Professional Development Opportunities for New Faculty

We recognize the importance of supporting new faculty members as they acclimate to our school community and navigate their roles as educators at Concordia Shanghai. To facilitate their professional growth, we provide a range of professional development opportunities specifically tailored to new teachers. Monthly policy talks help them understand the unique aspects of teaching at Concordia, while the annual allotment allows them to pursue professional development opportunities of their choice. Additionally, specifically allocated time on Wednesdays provides dedicated space for divisional and whole-school professional development, as well as independent learning. On-campus professional development opportunities, such as sessions led by renowned experts like Kendall Zoller and Andrea Honigsfeld, offer specialized training in adaptive schools and English language learning.

Chart Your Own Path with Concordia Shanghai

At Concordia Shanghai, we believe that every educator has the potential to shape their own professional journey. Our commitment to personalized professional development empowers our faculty to chart their own path and pursue the areas of learning that align with their interests and aspirations. Whether it's through self-directed learning, collaborative initiatives, or participation in external conferences and workshops, we provide the resources, support, and encouragement to help educators reach their full potential. Join our vibrant community at Concordia Shanghai and embark on a fulfilling and transformative journey of professional growth.


Teach with Purpose at Concordia Shanghai

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