Brandon Fisher Mar 23 2019

Quotes from Concordia Theatre Alumni

Sophie Ideker ConcordiaThe most memorable moment in the Concordia theatre program was watching each production slowly build, and feeling the rush of excitement when each piece of the puzzle fell into place for the first time. My experiences in Concordia theatre taught me perseverance and working with many different types of people, which I think is important for all parts of life. - Sophie Ideker Concordia class of 2017, student at University of Indiana.

Isabella De Jesus, Concordia class of 2016The most memorable moments at Concordia was the sense of community that was fostered in the theatre program. The best times I had were the ones spent at APAC Theatre Festivals, which taught me how to collaborate as a group, and create art that speaks volumes. – Isabella De Jesus, Concordia class of 2016.

Madison Boll, Concordia class of 2016The Theatre Program helped me understand the intricacies of performance and the dedication you must have for your art. I'm a filmmaker, and feel that many of the challenges between stage and film are similar. I'm grateful to the numerous late night practices for showing me the importance of fully absorbing yourself into a production. – Madison Boll, Concordia class of 2016, Film student at USC.

The theatre program at Concordia provided me with an outlet for creativity that no other class could provide. Being able to express myself in that way was so impactful to who I am today. Theatre taught me how to think on my feet and is where I found my voice and is central to why I have the job I have today. I work in a setting where I have to communicate with everyone from teachers to principals and even superintendents and they look to me for my thoughts on technology issues. Being able to put on so many hats and communicate in so many ways is central to what was taught within the walls of the Rittmann Theatre. – Nathan Munson Concordia class of 2013, middle school teacher in Virginia, US. (Pictured far left) 

Nathan Munson Concordia class of 2013The Theatre program taught me so many necessary life-skills; the importance of performance, composure, public speaking, social ability, fearlessness, working in large teams, being a leading figure, how to capture someone’s attention, manipulating vocal tonality, and how to really appreciate and understand art; the stories and lessons they tell and why they are important. Theatre also taught me the fundamentals and some small intricacies of politics and phrasing. These of course are outside of the more literal acting and singing skills. Ya don’t learn these in AP classes. – Jonathon Tai, Concordia class of 2015, Robotics Engineering at Worcester College, MA. (Pictured center)

I have become more versatile in most everything I do. Because of theatre, I am not afraid of audience of any sizes… at all. Theatre helped me figure out how to work for long periods of time with a lot of different people. I have a thicker skin because of theatre. Theatre also helped me to develop empathy, b/c putting yourself in the shoes of a different person makes you realize that people are much more than what they appear to be. Everyone has a story and you have to listen to feel what they do. That is theatre and that is now a part of me. – Natalia Tavares, Concordia class of 2013 Graduate of the University of Southern California in Communications & Human Behavior. Digital marketing consultant; Mexico City and Toronto. (Pictured far right)

Hans Kim, Concordia class of 2011Theatre is such an amazing way to gain confidence and to learn about team-building in a non-sports environment. I've learned to be able to laugh at myself, and to take myself less seriously. I have a significantly less amount of social anxiety in public speaking because of my experience in Theatre. I've learned how to be more social able and out-going due to my years in Concordia’s Theater program. - Hans Kim, Concordia class of 2011, medical student at Korea University

KaiAn-PreofessionalMy time in Concordia Theatre was invaluable in giving me experience in professional-level productions. It taught me how to work through my craft efficiently and with a sense of play and exploration. Concordia Theatre challenged and grew me as a person, and gave me skills that I still apply to my work today. I was able to make some of my best friends in Concordia Theatre, and so cherish the memories of every production that I was involved in. -  Kai An Chee, Concordia class of 2014, professional actor in ‘Miss Saigon’ Broadway touring company.

Hayden Dubniczki, Concordia class of 2018The Concordia Theatre Program is the most influential activity I've ever been a part of in my educational career. Not only did it develop my confidence, but it pushed me to explore my creative and academic potential. Theatre has made me a better public speaker, contributive team member, and diligent student. More importantly, I formed lifelong friendships with people that I never would have interacted with outside of theatre. Hayden Dubniczki, Concordia class of 2018. Currently at Gettysburg College, PA USA.

Don Zheng, Concordia class of 2013

There is not a doubt in my mind that I would not be remotely close to where I am now if I hadn't done theatre. Being a part of something bigger than I am keeps me grounded, and I still have my voice. - Don Zheng, Concordia class of 2013, Graduated Carnegie Mellon University in 2017, Programmer at Microsoft, Seattle, WA.