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Redefining student success: Why the old formula for success doesn’t work anymore

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At Concordia International School Shanghai , learning is at the heart of everything we do. In our never ending pursuit of academic excellence, we’ve developed a new, 21st-century student success formula to enable our students to tackle different types of challenges now and in the future. 

The old formula for student success refers to the type of education parents may be more familiar with, where rote learning was emphasized and there was little room for variation, student choice, and often lacked opportunities for deeper understanding of material or tangential questions. 

The Concordia formula for student success seeks to educate the whole child, which means we invest in every part of student holistic development—spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. Through the benefits of holistic education, students gain authentic learning opportunities and a variety of life experiences through a tailored, flexible curriculum, allowing them to focus on their interests and talents, such as athletics or performing arts, while developing their academic personalities. 

To enable deeper learning and achieve lifelong skills in our students, here are some ways Concordia has redefined what success looks like and how your child can benefit from our student success formula.

What are the benefits of holistic education

1. Soft skill development in partnership with academic development 

The old formula for student success primarily focused on theory over application, reinforcing a teacher-centered approach that relies heavily on retention of textbook material through rote learning and memorization. While this technique may demonstrate academic rigor by emphasizing examinations, it does not instill the soft skills that set up students for a successful future in their personal and professional lives.

Soft skills such as collaboration, communication, problem-solving and critical thinking play a key role in helping students develop into well-rounded and active members of society. International schools like Concordia Shanghai provide students with many opportunities to develop these soft skills; taking up these opportunities is one of the secrets to thriving at an international school.

At Concordia, we view each student's holistic development as preparation for college success and life satisfaction. From early childhood to high school, Concordia provides students with various experiences that allow them to develop holistically and gives them the balance that is integral to success—not only in school but also in life. 

2. Counseling Support and College Guidance 

Guidance counselors and academic coaches provide the support that can have a long-lasting positive impact on students. This support is a critical part of the international education system. Concordia counselors and support coaches work with parents, teachers, and administrators at every grade level to help maximize our students' potential, academic achievement, and overall well-being. This holistic approach ensures students' social and emotional development is given as much attention as their academic growth.

By building intentional support networks, our highly qualified counselors and student support coaches assist students in the areas that need attention, offering tools and strategies to help students thrive. Counselor-supported initiatives such as the student ambassador program and the Lunch Bunch help new and transitioning students quickly adjust to the school community.

Throughout all four years of high school, our counselors work with students 1-on-1 to help them identify their skills and interests and then apply them to many developmental opportunities offered in high school and beyond. Our counselors hold grade-level meetings for all high school parents and students to guide course selection and university preparation. This intentional approach to college counseling allows our students to find the colleges and universities that fit their personal, academic and professional career goals.

3 Parent support and partnerships

Children spend most of their young years in school and at home with their parents, which means parents play an equally important role in the educational development of their children. In the old formula, parents may not have had the opportunity to communicate, learn about or participate in supporting their children's educational needs.

By providing access to support and the opportunity to display and exercise their talents and skills through partnerships with schools, parents can nurture their children's development while positively influencing their children’s perception of education and learning.

At Concordia Shanghai International School, we believe that for students to develop a solid academic foundation to make it to their dream university and to succeed in their future careers, parents need to model the same values at home. To help parents get on the same page, we get to know students and their families and provide guidance to parents to help them realize how they can play a role in supporting their child's holistic development.

Our Parent Support Organization (PSO) partnerships with families have been and continue to be integral to our school’s community. Our PSO members' active dedication and engagement continue to sustain our community's success as parents have helped us enhance student experience, encourage school spirit among community members, raise funds for yearly activities, and are an essential piece of Concordia’s student success formula.

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