Concordia Shanghai Jun 1 2023

Road to College: Well-Prepared for Future Studies

The college admissions season is drawing to a close. From the recent acceptance results, we are pleased to learn that our graduating Class of ’23 applied to a wide range of majors, ranging from theater to biomedical engineering and philosophy.

Many of them have demonstrated a particular interest in interdisciplinary/cross-disciplinary studies, demonstrating how Concordia’s flexible curriculum and programs - including AL (Applied Learning) courses and student-led clubs - assist students in pursing their areas of interest and preparing them for college and the real world.      

Senior student Kabir G. will pursue a degree in Biomedical Engineering at Duke University. His experiences in high school club activities have to some degree helped him stand out among other applicants. In his opinion, it is important not to spread yourself too thin when joining clubs since you can tire yourself out, and colleges prefer to see continuity in a few clubs over years rather than joining too many clubs at the same time.


Being a STEM major, and more specifically an engineering one, I thought it was a good idea to focus on academic and STEM related clubs. I think the club that supported this interest the most was VEX Robotics. It's a robotics competition that's quite prominent in the US and being the leader of VEX at Concordia greatly helped me when applying. Alongside VEX, SNHS and AQT were also helpful in supporting my interest. —Kabir G.

As a student pursuing a Global Public Health: Applied Psychology degree at NYU, Jaclyn W. found that taking the AL Epidemiology course in her junior year was an invaluable experience to both gain knowledge and essential skills for further studies in college.


The course helped me ground a solid understanding of epidemiology and disease prevention. Additionally, it challenged me to think critically, develop my analytical skills, and provided me with hands-on experience in conducting research and analyzing data, which will be beneficial as I continue my studies and pursue a career in the healthcare industry.  —Jaclyn W.

Having worked on many student-led publications, Mamie Y. is an aspiring content curator and editor. Enthusiastic about communications, she has devoted most of her leisure time to editing work for the Yearbook and Zeitgeist magazine.  


While putting together my college list, I compiled my criteria by thinking about what kind of environment I’d like to live in. Some of my requirements included relatively nice weather, being in a large city and having a lot of diversity at the school. I also looked at major-specific programs and resources. I’m also looking forward to getting involved with resources like the co-op program at NEU, which is a semester-long internship provided by the school. —Mamie Y.

Always challenging himself to broaden his ability to recognize economic issues, Jeffrey T. is one of the student leaders of the SUM (Society of Unique Mathematics) club and has been an outstanding competitor at the prestigious National Economics Challenge. He wishes to study across disciplines, specifically environmental science and economics. He was drawn to Northwestern because of the flexibility of the quarter system and the ease of having multiple majors.


I chose Northwestern because of its innovative programs and its commitment to the ideal of “and”. Also, I really like the modernity of the campus as opposed to that of the old ivies. —Jeffrey T.

Planning to study Business Administration & Theatre at UC Riverside, Raymond C. was driven by his passion for acting and enthusiasm in businesss and finance.


As for theatre, it was mainly inspired by some of the opportunities that are both in classes and extracurriculars (such the Fall Play, Spring Musical, and the APAC Theater Festivals). As for business administration, I was mainly motivated by the AL Business & Finance class that was founded by Mr. Sgourdos, which provided a variety of different topics (leadership & management, marketing, entrepreneurship, and investment & finance) through a combination of theoretical knowledge from the required reading and lectures as well as the practical knowledge from the challenges and activities that are spaced out throughout the course.   —Raymond C.

Raymond’s passion for business is truly inspiring. He demonstrates a genuine enthusiasm for the subject matter and is always eager to learn more. His drive and dedication to succeed are truly admirable. —Mr. Steven Sgourdos, High School AL Business & Finance Teacher

Planning to attend law school post-grad, Yoyo Z. chose to apply to Williams College on Early Decision. From her perspective, the small class sizes, student engagement, and undergraduate focus of a liberal arts college will ensure that she finds her place there as part of a community. 


I think my pursuit of personal academic passions really helped me stand out as an applicant. Beyond my grades, co-curricular activities, and essays, my application included a writing supplement that I provided from my AL Author Study class with Mrs. Erny. I think this helped me show the admissions officers that I'm a student with a genuine interest in specific academic fields who is able to produce writing at a college-level standard.—Yoyo Z.

The accomplishments of our seniors throughout their time at Concordia go beyond merely being accepted to college. We are anticipating this Saturday’s High School Graduation Ceremony to honor the whole graduating class. Don’t miss out on the celebration on the morning of Saturday May 27!