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Secrets to helping your child thrive in an international school

Enrolling your child at an international school like Concordia Shanghai does much to prepare them for success in life. International schools are recognized for offering globally recognized curricula, a multicultural learning environment, innovative teaching methods, and more.

However, before choosing an international school for your child, families usually want to better understand some unfamiliar elements that are essential to the international school experience. Therefore, we would like to shed light on a few secrets for helping your child thrive at an international school.  We hope you will feel confident to trust the process we have expertly developed over the years as leading educators.

Untitled design-6How to help your child succeed at an international school

At Concordia Shanghai, our comprehensive American Curriculum and values-based approach to education from Preschool to Grade 12 provides students with a holistic educational experience, allowing them to grow as: 

  • Global Citizens 
  • Servant Leaders 
  • Spirited Athletes 
  • Confident Artists 
  • and Passionate Scholars 

Our Formula for Student Achievement at Concordia makes us stand out from the rest.

Before enrolling your child in an international school, here are some secrets and tips to help your child succeed at an international school like Concordia Shanghai.

1. Encourage them to take advantage of the school's ample resources 

We advise parents to register their children into two (2) or more co-curricular activities (CCA) based on the child's historical interest. Children are likely to pick up new interests in a new environment or when exposed to new activities, but you can give them a good start by pre-registering them for one or two. Also, these activities usually look good on college applications. 

Concordia Shanghai offers over two hundred and fifty (250) co-curricular activities to choose from between its Elementary, Middle and High schools like fine arts, exploration, sports, STEM, service & leadership. Students can find the right ones to go deeper into their passions or discover new interests, all while learning valuable life skills. 

In addition to CCA, international schools like Concordia Shanghai offer students the opportunity to learn new languages. These language classes can help students improve their multilingualism which is now a globally sought-after skill. Our formula for student success values the benefits that come with learning a new language. Honing language skills can help your child succeed at an international school and in their future academic and career pursuits. 

2. Parent involvement in child school will help them succeed at an international school

Over the years, we have seen that parent involvement in school positively impacts student achievement. When parents are involved in their child's education, it shows the child that they are important to them and that their education is a priority. Parent involvement helps build a positive relationship between the family and the school and also helps them learn about what their child is learning and how they can help them at home.

At Concordia Shanghai, partnership with families is integral to our school communities. We partner with parents through the Parent Support Organization (PSO); where parents are invited to share their skills or time with students, organize and attend school events etc. These activities help enhance students' experience, encourage school spirit, and build a vibrant and supportive community. Parents are automatically members of the PSO once their child is enrolled at Concordia Shanghai, with a dedicated portal where you can get important information.

Other activities of the PSO include regular meetings that aim to keep parents abreast with information on how to help their kids achieve holistic excellence, i.e. academic, social and emotional. Students are also a part of the PSO, sharing first-hand thoughts on how the school and parents can collaborate to help them.

3. Take advantage of student support services to help your child succeed at an International School 

A key element of our staff composition at Concordia International School Shanghai is counselors. Counselors work closely with teachers, students, parents and administration to monitor students’ well-being ensuring they are not under pressure.  There are a variety of things that can contribute to stress and burnout in students; parents must play their part by monitoring their child’s activities and if there is a cause for concern, speak to the child's assigned counselor. 

International schools are aware of the demand on their student's time and mental capacities; given their schedules, students may need help keeping track of everything. Our counselors work with parents and teachers to help the child develop holistically.

It is also important to ensure your child has time to relax and recharge. Help them find healthy coping mechanisms for stress, such as exercise, journaling, or spending time with friends and family.  There are also a few signs parents can look out for when their child is stressed; this includes withdrawals, changes in grades etc.  Our counselors can provide additional support and guidance in helping your child manage their stress and avoid burnout.

4. Help your child find a good SCHOOL-LIFE Balance

"The best way to make children good is to make them happy" Oscar Wilde. The importance of a good school-life balance cannot be over-emphasized. While we strive at Concordia Shanghai to make good students and people, parents need to work with us to make them happy. While we provide a wide variety of co-curricular activities to strike a balance with school work and engage their unique interests, parents need to make sure children have time to relax and enjoy their free time. 

A safe and supportive home environment is essential for a child’s school-life balance. Parents can provide this environment by being available to help with homework and offering emotional support. It is also crucial for parents to set limits on screen time and other activities so that their children can focus on their schoolwork.

Experiencing different things outside of school can make you a better student and a more well-rounded person. A good school-life balance helps students to develop a well-rounded perspective, and it helps students develop time management skills. If students can learn how to juggle school work with extracurricular activities and social life, it will serve them well in college and their future careers. 

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