Concordia Shanghai Nov 14 2023

Student Triumphs at Global Forum with Innovative Music-Cubing Fusion

At fifteen, Concordia student Maxwell W. (Class of ’26) is already an accomplished individual. He’s a pianist and violinist in the NSO Orchestra and the NSO Elite Orchestra, a standout member of the Ying’s Cube team (led by Chinese Rubik’s Cube champion Yinghao Wang), as well as a volunteer coaching assistant for our Elementary School Rubik’s Cube ECA. These credentials have made him a pretty exceptional teenager on our campus.


Award-Winning Innovation

Most recently, Maxwell secured a top prize at the Global Academician Forum Global Round for his research project, “Cubin’ Composers.” The school, as a result of this achievement, was honored with China International School Winner on Teenager Research by the forum’s organizing committee.

The Global Academician Forum (GAF) was jointly initiated by KingLead and scholars from Harvard University, University of Cambridge, and University of Oxford. This year's Academician Challenge featured 12 topical study fields (including Bio-health, Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry, Frontiers of Mathematics and Big Data Applications, and Art) and was open to teenagers worldwide. 

Drawing inspiration from Mozart’s Dice Game, Maxwell’s “Cubin’ Composers” initiative integrates a digital Rubik’s Cube and computer programming utilizing Javascript to merge original melodies, producing an interactive and seamless musical experience. With a 12-minute presentation and the successful defense of his project, he secured 1st place in the Global Round.

“This project enhanced my creativity and problem-solving skills. It opened up opportunities for my in-depth study and exploration in the fields of music, computer science, and arts, providing me with lots of specialization options for my future college applications,” shares Maxwell.    


A Musical and Mathematical Maestro

With his experience in musical composition and digital programming, he is determined to continue pursuing his passions and inspire younger students to chase their dreams.

The teen’s dedication to this endeavor is evident in the two years he devoted to the project, but his fascination with numbers and music has been with him from a young age. Maxwell is a multi-instrumentalist, showcasing his talents on the piano, violin, and trombone. After entering middle school, he discovered an interest in cubing and began teaching himself by watching online tutorial videos. With the unwavering support of Concordia’s teachers and leadership, Maxwell diligently practiced, ultimately securing a spot on the China Youth Rubik’s Cube Team.

Last year, he brought home two top prizes from the Shanghai Youth Cubing Competition: the Stackmat Group and the AI Group as part of the Diamond Group (12s-15s) of the 3x3 Rubik’s


Inspiring the Next Generation

With the school’s support, Maxwell has gained a strong sense of belonging and his personal achievements have had a resonating influence on the community.

In order to share his hobby with others, Maxwell brought in Ying’s Cube for opening Rubik’s Cube extracurricular activities among elementary and middle school students. Enthusiastically volunteering his time at the ECA, he taught them cubing techniques, earning himself a loyal fan base among his younger counterparts. Maxwell even promoted the ECA and showcased his talents on campus at this year’s Back to School Bash.

Looking to the future, Maxwell plans to organize a friendly Rubik’s Cube tournament among international schools.  

It’s quite remarkable to watch Maxwell combine his passion for music with his skills for the Rubik’s Cube and computer programming. Through his “Cubin’ Composers,” he has showcased the compelling ability of one’s own interests to motivate and inspire those around them.

Congratulations to Maxwell on his latest achievement!