Concordia Shanghai Oct 22 2022

Student Versus Staff Games Bring Competitions Back to Campus

Excitement and exhilaration pervaded the Concordia campus last week as we celebrated our first Phoenix Friday of the new school year! Students faced off against teachers in a competitive match of volleyball in the PC gym.


The following Monday, we kicked off a week-long series of spirited sports competitions which saw staff teams taking on our middle school and high school student teams in various sports including volleyball, tennis, table tennis, ultimate frisbee, soccer, and baseball. It was amazing to see the courts and fields once again filled with adrenaline and joy, and to hear cheers from the stands as students and teachers cheered on our athletes.


Concordia believes strongly in the value of athletics and co-curricular activities, and many students are very passionate about their sport and/or CCAs. In order to keep that passion alive and keep children motivated in each and every practice, the athletic department has had to find creative solutions for providing opportunities for athletic competitions.


“Concordia has tried very hard to maintain competitions and activities via intrasquad competitions and Student vs. Staff games, during stricter times like now, when we are not able to participate against other schools in interscholastic competitions,” shares Concordia Director of Athletics Turner Neal.

Athletics and CCAs are an extension of the learning that takes place within the school day, and for athletics, competitions are an important part of that learning. They provide a form of feedback that indicates to students how they’re doing: Are they progressing? Are they able to apply the lessons learned in practice to the playing field?

“We equate these competitions to assessments in the classroom,” shares Mr. Neal. “How many classes do we offer where students have no quizzes, tests, presentations, projects or papers? Competitions should be looked at in that same light.”


“In competition, winning is a goal, but it is not the only purpose, which is an important distinction,” continues Mr. Neal. “Our purpose is to provide an education-based program that teaches children important life lessons like commitment, teamwork, leadership, perseverance, how to win, and even how to lose.”

Last week’s Phoenix Friday games was also a great opportunity for our school community to gather and celebrate the hard work and dedication our athletes and coaches have been putting in this entire season.


Concordia is a member school of four activities conferences: Asia Pacific Activities Conference (APAC), Shanghai International School Activities Conference (SISAC), Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS), and China International Schools Sports Association (CISSA). Although some interscholastic opportunities are missed in these trying times, our students' drive and passion for sports are as strong as ever. With more on-campus competitions upcoming, there will be more opportunities to celebrate school spirit and come together as a community. Go Phoenix!