Celia Kim Gibson Sep 24 2021

Students Explore the Transformative Power of Imagination

At the beginning of each school year, Concordia students are reminded how important it is to use their imagination. If you don’t use it – you lose it!

This year students were introduced to the book ‘Not a Box’ and were reminded of how the imagination can be used to turn an ordinary box into many imaginative and extraordinary things.

Students enjoyed the book and were given the opportunity to transfer this knowledge by considering another simple object – a stick! Students were asked to transform their stick into a ‘Not A Stick’ object, idea, or concept.


Purposefully using prompts to engage the imagination is a wonderful way to maintain creative and imaginative thinking skills. What will you think of next?

As human beings, imagination is one of our greatest gifts and one of the most powerful tools for creation, problem-solving, and envisioning our future in the way we hope for and envision! Creative visualization is a means for getting us through each moment of the day in the most positive way possible.

Sometimes it is advantageous to dream or imagine, in order to help us live and build a better life. Sometimes our creative thoughts can help us reach our potential to become the person that we are meant to be.

The art of becoming and creating comes from the ability to imagine! Our imagination is what provides us with unlimited possibilities of achievement! Imagine that!