Eileen Beckman Oct 28 2021

Students Take Advantage of Opportunities for Balance

While freshmen teachers and students were involved with conferences on Wednesday morning, teachers and students of other grades were engaged in holistic sessions beyond their typical classes.

Teachers offered programming for students to catch up on academic work, to de-stress, and to find movement.  Sessions included several study halls (which were super helpful for student athletes coming off APAC last week and in anticipation of Season 2 sports starting this week), knitting, intro to boxing, glass magnet making, chemistry labs, soccer, peace and quiet and lava lamp making, coloring, weight lifting, and time to work on art portfolios, robotics, 3-D printing, and drone making.

It was a morning filled with purposefully-developed opportunities for students to find balance in individual and collective ways, which is something we are committed to cultivating for our high school students.