Concordia Shanghai Feb 23 2024

High School Duo Recognized for Trailblazing Scientific Research

Our students are writing the script of what it means to be high school innovators. The dynamic duo,  Cathy T. and William Q. (class of '25), are flexing their scientific muscles on global stages. They just clinched a silver medal at the Korea Science & Engineering Fair (KSEF) out of 134 teams participating from around the world! 


The project’s name alone, ‘Enabling morphological analysis of capacitive electrocardiography by dedicated noise removal algorithms,’ is already impressive and signals its ambitious scope. Addressing the drawbacks of traditional ECGs, including toxic adhesives and environmental waste, Cathy and William introduced an innovative noncontact capacitive ECG (cECG) system. By attaching electrodes to clothing instead of skin, their solution promises accurate diagnoses without the associated health and environmental concerns. It’s an ingenious blend of technology and sustainability. 


Beyond their silver medal win, Cathy and William have continued to impress in the science arena. Another paper titled “A Novel Diagnosis, Assistance, Rehabilitation System for Parkinson’s Disease” was selected for publication at the prestigious 2024 International Conference on Innovative Computing (ICIC) and has been accepted for publication.

Renowned for gathering leading minds in information technology, computer science, and engineering, the ICIC is a key platform for showcasing groundbreaking work.The paper springs from a project the duo independently pursued during the 2022-23 school year. It showcases their innovative approach, combining AI and engineering to diagnose various stages of Parkinson’s disease and enhance the quality of life for patients by mitigating symptom effects. This work not only highlights their scientific acumen but also their commitment to making a tangible difference in healthcare.


“It feels incredibly rewarding to see our own work published. This project has been a very meaningful learning experience that has helped us cultivate our passion in many fields of STEM, especially biomedical engineering. We are extremely grateful for the opportunities, resources, guidance, and support that Concordia and our teachers have provided in helping us to achieve this.” — Cathy T. & William Q.  


Cathy and William are currently enrolled in Concordia's Applied Learning Scientific Research course, where they’re diving into their next groundbreaking technology. A heartfelt congratulations to them! Their journey clearly proves that with perseverance and passion, the sky's the limit. We're all eagerly anticipating their next big innovation!