Concordia Shanghai Mar 21 2024

AL Journalism: A Journey from Classroom to Newsroom

At Concordia, we’re proud to have a group of young wordsmiths who wield their pens for the student publication “Phoenix Post.” These young writers, members of the high school Applied Learning Journalism (AL Journalism) course, eagerly delve into current issues, showcasing their talents as they navigate the world of journalism. But what happens when high school journalism collides with the bustling reality of a real newsroom? 


As we often say, the best lessons extend beyond the classroom! Led AL Journalism teacher Mr. Adam Duckworth, our students had the unique experience to visit the Shanghai Daily newsroom. There, they gained insight into the daily operations of professional journalists and forged a new academic connection with one of China’s leading English-language newspapers. 

Navigating the corridors of the newsroom, our students bore witness to how writers, editors, and marketers work together to create the daily paper, and experienced the dynamic workflow of a major news outlet first-hand.    


Two seasoned journalists from the newspaper impressed our eager learners with the history of the paper and and their experiences working there. Mr. Alex Bushroe, one of the expat columnists, shared the cultural adjustments and the challenges he faced as an American working for a media company in China. His infectious energy and profound anecdotes not only sparked a flurry of questions among our students but also equipped them with valuable interviewing techniques. 

In summary, Mr. Duckworth aptly remarked, "It was not just a day out of class; it was a step into the real world of news, offering an authentic experience away from the traditional classroom setting." With this profound insight, we extend our heartfelt wishes to our aspiring students as they embark on their own journalistic odyssey.