Concordia Shanghai Apr 19 2024

Concordia Celebrates Student Excellence at Annual Honor Societies Induction Ceremony

In an inspiring celebration of academic achievement and cultural diversity, Concordia proudly hosted its annual Honor Societies Induction Ceremony this past Tuesday, April 16th. This significant event marked the induction of 57 distinguished students into five prestigious honor societies, underscoring their commitment to excellence in various disciplines.

The ceremony commenced with warm welcomes from Hudson M, the president of the National Honor Society, and Amy W, the vice president, who commended the inductees on their dedication and hard work.

"We honor the students who embrace the qualities and virtues of each honor society—whether it be the beauty of fine arts, the complexity of science, the interdependence of language, or the dedication to service and leadership—these students have gone above and beyond expectations." – Amy W.

During the event, students were inducted into the following honor societies:

Concordia-Shanghai-Honor-Society-1National Honor Society: Celebrating scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

Concordia-Shanghai-Honor-Society-4Spanish Honor Society: Recognizing high achievement in Spanish by students of secondary schools and promoting continuity of interest in Hispanic studies.

Concordia-Shanghai-Honor-Society-5Science National Honor Society: Honoring student excellence and enthusiasm for science.

Concordia-Shanghai-Honor-Society-2Tri-M Music Honor Society: Highlighting outstanding music students who have demonstrated academic excellence and musical leadership.

Concordia-Shanghai-Honor-Society-3Chinese Honor Society: Acknowledging those who excel in the study of the Chinese language and culture.

Each society's officers gave a brief speech about the values and responsibilities associated with their specific group, followed by the lighting of candles and the recitation of oaths by the inductees.

The event also featured performances by the school's music department and a special guest speaker, Brad Beckman. "Brad Beckman shared inspiring words on the importance of perseverance and community involvement, which resonated deeply with our students and guests," added Stephen Dignin, the NHS Chapter Adviser.

The ceremony concluded with a reception where families and faculty celebrated the students' achievements. The school's commitment to fostering an environment of growth and recognition was evident throughout the event.

This annual ceremony not only honors students for their scholarly successes but also encourages them to pursue their passions and contribute positively to society. Concordia looks forward to seeing these young leaders thrive and impact their communities in meaningful ways.


List of the 2024 Honor Societies Inductees:

Class of 2024

Pacolak, Patrik SHS

Class of 2025

Cao, Aaron Tri-M

Chan, Ian Chun Yin Tri-M

Cryer, Harper Tri-M

Fu, Yuchen (Chloe) CHS

Gu, Jeremi Tri-M

Hsu, Ching-Cheng (Caleb) Isaiah SNHS

Huang, Rulin Tri-M

Kam, Jia Bao (George) NHS, SHS

Kang, Minseo NHS, SNHS

Lau, Hiu Chit SNHS

Li, Man Shek Matthew (Matthew) NHS

Liu, Zhaoshu Tri-M

Ly, Timothy Tri-M

Mo, Davis SNHS

Ngo, Ysanne SHS

Qian, William NHS, SHS

Ryu, Eric Tri-M

Shen, Yancheng (Max) SHS

Sun, Raymond Yang NHS

Tu, Cathy SNHS, Tri-M

Wong, Christie Tri-M

Yin, Yu Jun (Nicole) NHS

You, Jaewon (Jeffrey) NHS

Zhang, Fiona Tri-M

Class of 2026

Ang, Rei NHS, SNHS

Chang, Emily NHS

Chng, Jayven Tri-M

Chu, Roland Hin Shui NHS

Fong, Elsie Yushan SNHS, Tri-M

Gong, Zoe Zixuan SNHS

Huang, YuanXi (Abriel) NHS

In, Sieun NHS, SNHS, Tri-M

Jiang, Sean CHS, NHS, SNHS, Tri-M

Liang, Jerry CHS, SNHS

Lim, Nahyun (Annie) CHS, NHS, SNHS

Miller, Selah Adrienne NHS, Tri-M

Pan, Sarah NHS, SNHS

So, Lucas SNHS

Song, Zhi Yue (Sammy) NHS

Su, Emily SNHS

Tang, Austin Zhongxiang NHS, SNHS, Tri-M

Toxvig, Lily Guo NHS

van Rossum, Hana NHS, SNHS

Wang, Andrew Yifan SNHS

Won, Josephine Juhae NHS

Wong, Megan NHS, SNHS

Wong, Winston Tri-M

Wu, Haoyuan (Maxwell) SNHS, Tri-M

Wyman, Reece Yu Yang NHS, Tri-M

Yeung, Katrina Hiu Lam NHS

Yu, Menglin (Jerry) SNHS

Yu, Wentai (Alan) SHS, SNHS

Zhongye, Shali (Sari) SNHS, Tri-M

Zhu, Mian NHS, SHS, SNHS

Zhu, Steven CHS

Zou, Alice CHS