Brandon Fisher Mar 1 2019

Tips from Love and Logic Parenting Course Hosted by Concordia Counselors


We’ve all heard that parenting does not come with a manual, but that doesn’t mean mothers and fathers are on their own when it comes to improving their parenting skills. Each year Concordia hosts a parenting course designed to equip both new and seasoned parents with techniques to enhance their child-rearing repertoire. In these courses, parents explore research-based methods for building constructive relationships, managing anger and frustration and instilling good values and morals.

This year, the school has introduced the Love and Logic parenting course, which is being facilitated by our guidance counselors. Love and Logic provides easy and effective strategies to create more harmony within the family, shares Elementary School Counselor Ben Fishman.

“Concordia parents want the absolute best for their kids,” says Ben, “and they are eager and motivated to always learn and enhance their parenting.” 

Over 100 Concordia parents have joined the 2019 course. For those unable to attend, Ben, who has five years of experience with the Love and Logic program, has put together a series of parenting tips to help inform your parenting decisions.

love-and-logic-parenting-courseLove and Logic Parenting Tips Part One

How to Make Mornings Easier

Getting our kids out the door on time each morning may be a trying experience. Listed below are some tips for taking the angst and stress out of the morning routine:

  • Have “practice mornings” when you’re not in a hurry. Try it on the weekend.

  • Make a guide for them by taking pictures (works well with younger students) of them doing all the things they need to do in the morning then posting them in a common area; for example, on the refrigerator.

  • Set limits with enforceable statements. Here are some examples: “Breakfast will be on the table until the timer rings.” “I give treats to kids who brush their teeth.” “My car is leaving in just a little while. “The bus leaves at 7:00.”

  • Enforce these limits and logical consequences with plenty of loving empathy.

Love and Logic Philosophy on Spanking as a Disciplinary Tool

Love and Logic takes a strong stance on spanking children. Parents are instructed to develop new techniques that are far more effective than spanking.

The Love and Logic Institute beliefs on spanking are listed below:

  • There is no need for spanking.

  • Spanking is counterproductive. It makes the adult into the "bad or scary person " rather than focusing on the bad decision which was made by the child.

  • Love and Logic techniques are far more powerful than spanking.

  • Parents should delay the consequence while the parent thinks over the problem, develops a clear head and then locks in the empathy before telling the child what the consequence will be.

  • A considerable amount of solid research is now available indicating the harmful, counterproductive results of using spanking as a disciplinary tool.

Handling Sibling Rivalry

Just about every family with more than one child experiences sibling rivalry. If your kids ever argue with each other, complain about each other, this means that they are normal.

Listed below are some tips for turning sibling rivalry into a wonderful learning opportunity for your kids:

  • Stay out of the problem whenever possible.

  • Avoid teaching your children that fighting with each other is a good way to get your attention.

  • Considering saying to them, “It looks like you both have a problem that you need to solve. I’ll be happy to give you some suggestions about solving this problem when both of you are calm.

  • Separate them if necessary. You may want to say, “We’ll talk when everyone is calm.”

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