Concordia Shanghai Mar 22 2024

This Concordia Sophomore is Skating Towards Excellence

As a student athlete, Concordia 10th grader, Megan W., lives a busy and full life. From hitting the books to gliding gracefully on the ice, she is not afraid of pushing boundaries to try new things, and balances her school and skating life in an inspiring way. And on the subject of inspiration, let’s have a warm round of applause for Megan as she has recently returned from the 2024 World Junior Figure Skating Championships, where she represented HK China with distinction!


A dual life on & off the ice 

The thrill of stepping into the vast stadium, the mixture of relief and anticipation while sitting in the Kiss-and-Cry seat awaiting her score—all these moments felt surreal, as Megan recalls. Yet, her love for figure skating, which began at the tender age of six, remains authentic and steadfast.

Megan is also dedicated to broadening her knowledge and interests through various activities at Concordia. When she’s not on the ice or in the classroom, Megan can be found designing and editing visual graphics for the Student Media Services (SMS) club, championing sustainability as part of the Shanghai Styles club, or supporting community building as a Student Ambassador.


“Being part of the Concordia community since Preschool has shaped me in unfathomable ways. It has taught me to challenge my limits and put myself out there, embracing the uncomfortable.”
—Megan W.

Inspired by the Concordia community's ethos of service to others, Megan has even started an outreach project called “Rise & Thrive” to help fellow female athletes going through the challenging time of puberty. 

Importance of time management 

Balancing school and skating is like living a dual life for Megan, but she handles it well. She gets most of her schoolwork done on the drive to and from skating practice. And because she knows the value of optimizing her time, she ensures the majority of her assignments are completed promptly upon receipt. 


“I’ve learned that having effective time management skills is crucial to maintaining a strong performance in both worlds.”
—Megan W.    

And as for her future? Well, Megan’s fascinated with life sciences and epidemiology, and she's got her sights set on the 2026 Winter Olympics. So, watch out, “a figure-skating scientist” may soon be taking the world by storm!