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Concordia Students Explore Yunnan on a Transformative "Faith Trek"

During the final two weeks of the academic year, students in grades 9 and 10 at Concordia International School Shanghai participate in Explorations, a program designed to impart interpersonal and practical skills through interactive activities. At the same time, 11th graders are busy completing their high school internships. Read More

Worldwide College & University Offers for Concordia Class of 2023

We are so proud of our Class of 2023 graduates, who have successfully completed their high school career and will soon be heading off to their best-fit colleges and universities around the world! Read More

Highlights from the Concordia Class of 2023 Graduation

On Saturday, May 27, 2023, our senior class dressed in caps-and-gowns made their way to the stage to participate in a time-honored rite of passage in front of an audience of their teachers, family and friends. Read More

Road to College: Well-Prepared for Future Studies

The college admissions season is drawing to a close. From the recent acceptance results, we are pleased to learn that our graduating Class of ’23 applied to a wide range of majors, ranging from theater to biomedical engineering and philosophy. Read More

Road to College: Tips from the Class of 2023

Today’s students have so much to consider when choosing a college or university. Not only have acceptances become increasingly competitive over the years, but each individual’s choice must be weighed against their own desires, aspirations, and practical considerations. Read More

Road to College: Making the Right Choice

The journey of college selection and application can be a daunting one, but our seniors have risen to the challenge and made informed decisions about their future. With high school graduation so close on the horizon, we want to celebrate the achievements of our Class of 2023 seniors and share their joy at gaining acceptance into the colleges and universities that fit their academic, cultural, and social needs and expectations. For this week’s... Read More

Strategies to Avoid Summer Slide: Keeping Kids Learning, Active & Engaged

For most kids, the idea of summer is fun and exhilarating. Summer is the only time of the year where children get to spend a lot of time outside of school to do the things they love and enjoy. Read More

Concordia Alum Credits AP for Preparing Him for Law Degree

When asked about necessary skills for a career in law, some might say “professionalism”, as one single comma, whether missing or accidentally added, could cost the client huge sums of money. Others might say “communication”, both external and internal. For Concordia alumnus Julian Chow, other crucial skills include “flexibility,” the ability to quickly switch mindsets, as well as “creativity,” allowing legal professionals to think outside the... Read More

How Two Concordia Alumni Helped Make a Lasting Impact in Liberia

A decade ago, when two of our 5th graders, Ian Olson and Sam Brantingham, heard that there were no playgrounds in Liberia after their civil war, their response wasn’t just to feel grateful for the comfortable life they had, but it prompted them to take action. Read More

Road to College 2023: Set up for Best Fit

Concordia Shanghai seniors are receiving offers from their best-fit colleges and universities worldwide. But perhaps what’s most exciting is that our students will be enrolling in schools and programs that fit their academic and future career goals, propelling them even further down the road on their way to life success. Read More

From Concordia to the World: Class of 2023 University Acceptances

Over the recent months, the College Acceptance Wall inside Concordia’s High School Counseling suite has been filling up with pictures of colleges and universities from all over the world. Read More

Concordia Students Triumph at Local Science & Engineering Fair

Among the brilliant students at Concordia International School Shanghai are several budding scientists and engineers who look to challenge themselves academically and try to use their STEM skills to make the world a better place. Read More

Concordia Alum Finds Success as a Filmmaker

There are many different approaches to pursuing a career in the film industry, which offers a number of different roles from director to producer, from lighting technician to set accountant. According to Concordia Class of ’08 alumnus Tyler Gurd, “the important part is finding what role or roles you are passionate about and pursuing them.” Read More

STEM and Robotics: Computational Thinking in Concordia's Kindergarten

In today's digital world, it has become increasingly relevant to prepare children for the future by introducing them to computational thinking (CT) at a young age as researchers and teachers are starting to find out how digital natives navigate their environment (Roussou, 2022). Read More

Concordia Brings Home the Win at Vex Robotics Competition

On Sunday, March 13th, Concordia hosted the season-ending VEX robotics tournament for the International Schools of Shanghai. The High School gym was converted into a brilliant spectator arena for the event on Saturday, and at 8 a.m. Sunday morning the teams started to show up. Read More

How Concordia Students Ignite Hope for Children in Need

Service and global citizenship are woven into the culture and teachings at Concordia International School Shanghai. Since its establishment 25 years ago, the school has been providing students with opportunities to initiate or be part of service programs in various ways. Among all the educational service projects, the partnership between Concordia and Guangzhou-based NGO Shining Star is a very unique story. Read More

Applied Learning Class Designs Marketing Plan for Green Steps

Advancing in today’s competitive and continually changing global economy requires 21st Century students to possess business insight. High school students in Concordia’s Applied Learning (AL) Business and Finance course explore the fundamental principles that allow them to navigate the business and financial landscape. Read More

Concordia Students Win Big at American Mathematics Competition

At Concordia Shanghai, we do much more than help our students pass the next test. By focusing on fostering deeper learning in our students, we are enabling them to apply their acquired knowledge to new situations. Read More