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Concordia Students Explore Yunnan on a Transformative "Faith Trek"

During the final two weeks of the academic year, students in grades 9 and 10 at Concordia International School Shanghai participate in Explorations, a program designed to impart interpersonal and practical skills through interactive activities. At the same time, 11th graders are busy completing their high school internships. Read More

Student Club Participates in 2023 CCTV Spring Gala Drone Show

The 2023 CCTV Spring Gala featured a live performance which included a drone show flying high above the stage put on by Damoda in collaboration with Concordia's Phoenix Squadron drone club. Read More

A how-to guide on being a parent at Concordia: How parents can support their child’s holistic learning

International schools like Concordia Shanghai have an approach to education that focuses on more than students' academic development, but also on a student’s overall development, the development of the whole child. Unlike the old formula where student success was measured almost entirely through academic performance, holistic education allows students to attain a more global vision of success, enabling them to communicate their needs... Read More

3 Reasons to choose a values-based education

Read More

Secrets to helping your child thrive in an international school

Enrolling your child at an international school like Concordia Shanghai does much to prepare them for success in life. International schools are recognized for offering globally recognized curricula, a multicultural learning environment, innovative teaching methods, and more. Read More

4 Roles EC Parents Play in Effective Home-School Partnerships

Research has shown over and over again the importance of family engagement on children’s school readiness and academic success. In fact, this topic is so important that Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education funded a 23-year research project dedicated to studying family engagement in education and its impact on student success. Read More

How to Ensure Your Family Continues to Thrive During Shanghai Lockdown

As the Shanghai lockdown continues, Concordia remains proud of our employees and parents who have been partnering with one another through these challenging times in order to meet the learning needs of our students. Their shared support and resilience have made it possible for the school to successfully and seamlessly pivot towards a Distance Learning environment. Though teachers are continually seeking new ways to keep their classes... Read More

Service Leadership Opportunities at Concordia

Service leadership is an excellent opportunity for your child to take what they have learned in the classroom and apply it in a way that not only makes the subject applicable in the real world, but also does it in a way that promotes meaningful change. Read More

How Concordia's Counselors Ensure Students Are On The Best Path To Get Into Their Uni of Choice

Choosing the right avenue for post-secondary education can be a major source of anxiety in your children’s lives. There are so many factors that go into making such a monumental decision, counselors and advisors are an excellent option to provide your children with high school college counseling they need. Read More

Tuesday Tip: Getting Back into Routines Following a Holiday

Getting back into routines after a holiday for young children takes planning and thoughtful dialogue. This week’s Tuesday Tips is a brief sharing of strategies to help make your family’s return to scheduled routines a little easier. Read More

6 Reasons Concordia Students Excel

At Concordia International School Shanghai, we strive to provide the best educational foundation possible so your children can excel in any endeavor they choose. Read More

How Choir Has Shaped Me as a Person

I used to be the karaoke queen of the bathroom. As an introverted middle schooler, I was only brave enough to sing in the linoleum chambers of the shower. Naturally, I never joined any theatrical production, talent shows, or performed in a concert. Read More

Why We Should Pursue Our Passions in High School

High school students Joyce Lu ('22) and Emily Pan ('24) introduce us to two remarkable Concordia seniors with individual passions that are outright inspiring. Read More

Students Take Advantage of Opportunities for Balance

While freshmen teachers and students were involved with conferences on Wednesday morning, teachers and students of other grades were engaged in holistic sessions beyond their typical classes. Read More

Visit to DJI Leaves These Concordia Students Awestruck

Over the summer, Shreyas S. & Marcus C., two extremely bright and intrepid middle school students at Concordia Shanghai, made their way to the R&D headquarters of Da-Jiang Innovations (DJI) in Shenzhen, China. Read More

Congratulations to the Concordia Shanghai Class of 2021!

This past Saturday, our senior class convened in front an audience of teachers, family and friends to take part in one of life’s most anticipated rites of passage. Read More

Senior Address at Concordia Shanghai Graduation 2021

Graduating senior Amy Lin was elected by her peers to deliver the senior address at this year's Concordia High School graduation ceremony. Here is her speech in its entirety. Read More

Graduation 2021 Teacher Commencement Address

The commencement address at this year's graduation was delivered by Concordia Shanghai high school teacher Erik Paulson. Mr. Paulson was chosen by the senior class for this honor. Here is his speech in its entirety. Read More