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Highlights from the Concordia Class of 2023 Graduation

Road to College: Well-Prepared for Future Studies

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Road to College: Making the Right Choice

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Student Club Participates in 2023 CCTV Spring Gala Drone Show

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Former Concordia Teacher Is Keeping History Alive

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Interest in Drones Takes Off in Elementary School

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Alumni Spotlight: Concordia Alumna Finds Her Calling in Field of Data Science

Alumni Story: The Making of a Good Doctor

Young Entrepreneur Has a Heart For Service

How good teachers impact student success

STEM Enrichment Activities Made by Girls, for Girls

A Concordia alumna was inducted into America's most prestigious academic honor society.

A how-to guide on being a parent at Concordia: How parents can support their child’s holistic learning

3 Reasons to choose a values-based education

4 Life Skills Learned Through Theatre Education

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Middle School Students Tell Stories Through Food

Secrets to helping your child thrive in an international school

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Alumni Spotlight: Only 6.5% of orthopedic surgeons in the US are women, and this Concordia alumna is now one of them

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How Art Education Cultivates Creative and Critical Thinking Skills

Concordia Alumna Publishes Debut Book, Telling Stories Through Art

Student Versus Staff Games Bring Competitions Back to Campus

Middle School Club Ignites Students' Interest in Math

Workshops Set Seniors on Path to Best-Fit Universities

Concordia Alum Continues on Tech Path at UC Berkeley

How Concordia measures student academic success

Preparing Middle Schoolers for the Changing World of the 21st Century

How Concordia teachers approach math teaching

What are the expected learning outcomes from Concordia’s math program?

Concordia Drone Internship: A Summer of Development

Fostering Student Success Through Preparation and Self-Help Skills

5 ways to help your child's math learning

Additional resources for math learning and math support

How Concordia Supports New and Transitioning Students and Families

The Concordia Uniform: Promoting School Pride and Belonging

Concordia Shanghai Is Ready for the New School Year!

How Parents Can Help Their Children Transition Back into the Classroom

From Harvard to McKinsey: How One Concordia Alumni Is Making a Positive Impact on the World

Alumna Pursues Public Health Degree at Columbia University

Creative Writing Class Inspires Young Readers and Writers

Class of '22 Road to College: Julia Fang Off to Johns Hopkins University

Class of '22 Road to College: Sara Pratt Off to Bryn Mawr College

Class of '22 Road to College: Dylan Sun Off to Carnegie Mellon University

Class of '22 Road to College: Thriving Outside One's Comfort Zone

Class of '22 Road to College: Always Open to Explore

How to Ensure Your Family Continues to Thrive During Shanghai Lockdown

Class of '22 Road to College: Driven by Passion

Concordia Alumna to Start Surgery Residency at Yale

Class of '22 Road to College: Aiming to Shine a Light

G7 Students Create Documentaries on Worldwide Progress

University Acceptances for the Concordia Class of 2022

Grade 8 Practices STEM Rube Goldberg Style

Concordia Students Receive Impressive Results at NEC China

Nurturing Curiosity, Discovery, and Imagination

Business Challenge Lets Students Work with Local Entrepreneurs

The Importance of Family Literacy

Generous Concordia Parents Send Care Packages to Faculty

Concordia Community Provide Meals for Support Staff In Lockdown

A Tip From the Heart: Inspiring Parents and Wonderful Concordia Families

HS Student Volunteers to Help During Compound Lockdown

Kindergarten Students Demonstrate Reading Comprehension in Creative Ways

Concordia Freshman Publishes Book on Evolution of Drone Technology

AP Class Discusses Russia-Ukraine Conflict in Simulated Press Conference

Tuesday Tip: Let Them Write

Distance Learning Going Strong at Concordia

Powerful Poverty Simulation Teaches Students about Empathy

Distance Learning: Getting Off on the Right Foot at Home

Concordia Student Wins Prestigious Chinese Writing Prize

Singing: A Powerful Tool for Learning

Tuesday Tip: Fine Motor Skills are Important Now and Beyond

Why Concordia Invests Heavily in Co-Curricular Activities

Grade 8 Students Learn the Meaning of Hardship

Concordia Alumna Inducted into Dartmouth's Phi Beta Kappa

Tuesday Tip: How to Help Your Child Cope with Anger

How Co-curricular Activities Contribute to Student Achievement and Well-being

Service Leadership Opportunities at Concordia

How Values-based Education and Service Learning Contribute to Student Success

Students Excel at Concordia

Early Childhood Students Explore the Joy of the Winter Olympics

Grade 8 Students Try Their Hand at Rocket Science

How Concordia's Counselors Ensure Students Are On The Best Path To Get Into Their Uni of Choice

Tuesday Tip: Getting Back into Routines Following a Holiday

Forging Skills and Swords in Maker Design Class

Concordia College Counsellor Helps Secure Student Spot at Harvard

What Does "Best Fit University" Mean And Why Is Your Choice Important to Lifelong Success

6 Reasons Concordia Students Excel

Future Business Leaders Take on Applied Learning Challenge

Concordia Students Receive Highest Points in FTC Robotics Match

Early Childhood Artists Create Inspiring Art Display

How Choir Has Shaped Me as a Person

SHARING: What You Should Understand About Your Three- and Four- Year Old Child

Encouraging Children to Take Healthy Risks Toward Gaining Independence

Discipline With Love

Disciplining Young Children & the Power of Redirecting

Concordia Celebrates Student’s Rare “Perfect” Score on AP Exam

3 High School Art Courses, 4 Incredible Shows

Why We Should Pursue Our Passions in High School

Students Take Advantage of Opportunities for Balance

How Young Children Develop Pride in Self

Kindergarteners Celebrate and Share Their Amazing Writing

A Kindergarten Celebration in the Park

What to do When Your Young Child Makes Mistakes

Number Talks: Developing Flexible Thinking in Math

Working Towards Sustainability One Bite at a Time

How Technology is Shaping Modern Education

Freshman Seminar Prepares Students for High School Success

The Importance of Routines for Young Children

Finally Getting Back on the Court

Students Explore the Transformative Power of Imagination

Ways to Encourage 'Self-Help' and Independence in Your Young Child

Visit to DJI Leaves These Concordia Students Awestruck

Establishing Routines for the Start of School

Summer Internships Give High Schoolers a Glimpse of Professional Life

Trends in College Acceptances– UK Edition

Congratulations to the Concordia Shanghai Class of 2021!

Senior Address at Concordia Shanghai Graduation 2021

Graduation 2021 Teacher Commencement Address

Motivating Your Child: Parenting Do's and Don'ts

Trends in College Acceptances– Competitive U.S. Universities Edition

AP Students Explore the Art of Drawing and Design

Concordia Students Use Storytelling to Evoke Empathy

CCA Highlight: ES STEM Activities

The 2021 Battle of the Books Ends in Victory

Santa Catarina: An Exploration of Spanish Language and Culture

Helping Students Become Reflective Spiritual Beings

Concordia Hosts Its First Big Data Conference and Workshop

Road to College: Down to a Science

Exploring STEM With Zoo Themed Activities

Kelso's Choices: Lessons in Problem-Solving

STEM in the Pre-Kindergarten Classroom

An Illustrated Journey Through Honors Pre-Calculus

Concordia Middle School Math Explained

The Powerful Tool of Poetry

Is It Play or Is It Work?

Road to College: A Creative in Her Own Write

Preschool Sequencing Lessons Lead to Critical Thinking

Road to College: STEM, Satire and Squats

What to Expect When Transitioning to High School

Help Your Child Cultivate a Love of Reading

Concordia Alumnus Joins NCAA Division 1 Team

Road to College: A Sustainable Impact

Preschoolers Practice Empathy in Pretend Pet Clinic

This Concordia High School Club Is Forging a Gender-Equal World

Grade Four Artists Showcase the Beauty of Science

STEM: Kindergarteners Explore Force and Motion

Road to College: Connecting Communities, Changing the World

ES Student Helps Others Solve Problems

Practicing Chinese Culture and Gratitude in Early Childhood

Road to College: Driven by Passion(s)

MS Design Thinking: An Exercise in Empathy

Supporting English Language Development in Elementary School

Road to College: Diving Deep into Marine Science

Academic Success Through Mental and Emotional Resilience

Stretching Discussions When Children Play

Extra! Read All About It: First Ever Phoenix Post On Stands Now

Kindergarten Guidance Program Teaches Students Social-emotional Skills