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Supporting English Language Development in Elementary School

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Academic Success Through Mental and Emotional Resilience

Stretching Discussions When Children Play

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Kindergarten Guidance Program Teaches Students Social-emotional Skills

Students Use Creative Learning to Make Positive Change

Planting Seeds of Gratitude, Helping Them Grow

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Answers to Commonly Asked College Application Questions

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Benefits of Music and Movement for Child Brain Development

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How are Chinese Schools Different from American Schools?

What are the Similarities Between Chinese and American Education?

Advice for New Families Transitioning to Concordia

How Culture Shock Can Affect Your Transition to a New School Community

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Getting There Is Half the Fun: Encouraging Process-Focused Learning

New School Year, New Normal: Concordia Campus Life Amid Covid-19

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Supporting Families with Home-based Learning

Boarding School Myths: The Case for International School

Planning for the Future and Making Best-Fit College Choices

Love is the Opposite of Fear

Home-based Learning: Popular Elementary Video Lessons

Helping Young Children Develop Conversational Skills

A Case for Education-based Athletics

Encouraging Adaptability: A Skill Children Need to Succeed

Helping Your Family Reduce Stress During Trying Times

What Parents Can Do to Encourage Good Reading Habits

Ideas to Encourage Learning During the Holiday Break

Concordia 5th Grader Joins the Cast of Broadway's Evita

Building Better Relationships Through Better Listening

A Brief History of Healthcare in China

Pearl of the Orient: A Short History of Shanghai

Shanghai Neighborhoods: Hongqiao and Gubei

What Do Colleges Really Look for When It Comes to Service?

Shanghai Day Trips

Food Safety in China

How to Prepare for Your Shanghai Look-See Trip

The Cognitive Benefits of Studying Music

Get to Know the Geography of Shanghai

Entering and Exiting China with Pets

7 Golden Rules for Traveling in China

Everything You Need to Know about Concordia's New Fall University Fair

Luke, Class of '18-- Brigham Young University

Today's Teaching Powered by Tech

It takes a Community to Educate a Child

Taylor, Class of '18- Yale University

Sara, Class of '18-- Rhode Island School of Design

Start of School Message From Our HOS, Dr. Mary Scott

Harper, Class of '18-- St. Olaf College

Obstacles to Starting a Small Business in China

Kendra, Class of '18--Oakland University

Tips for Successfully Settling Children into a New Country

Chloe, Class of '19--Northwestern University

Elisabeth, Class of '19--RISD

Jonathan, Class of '19--Art Center College of Design

Relocating to Shanghai with Children

Seventh Graders Use Zines to Shed Light on Social Injustice

Gaining New Perspectives from Moving Abroad

Peyton, Class of '19--School of the Arts Institute Chicago

Garrett, Class of '19--Colorado School of Mines

Kyuwon, Class of '19--University of Pennsylvania

Vivian, Class of '19--Rice University

Shanghai Neighborhoods: Hua Cao and Xujing

One Good Zine Project Deserves Another

Tips for Starting a Business in China

Hannah Foggin- Class of 2015

Sophie Ideker, Class of 2017

Renee Chen, Class of 2014

Concordia Students Win at International Writing Competition

Strategies to Avoid Summer Slide: Keeping Kids Learning, Active & Engaged

Creativity and Cross-Divisional Collaboration Through the Art of Zine Making

Cindy Kim, Class of 2014

Ping Chin, Class of 2012

Ideas to Help You Make the Most of Summer with Your Kids

Concordia Students Solve Real-World Problems Using Design Thinking

Students Gain New Perspective of Classroom Life as Teachers of the Day

Getting Around Shanghai

How to Address the Two Key Elements of Self Esteem in Young Kids

Iris Kim, Class of 2018

Grade One Students Apply Science of Sound to Create Visual Art

Justus Hsu, Class of 2017

Getting a Driver's License in Shanghai

Pre-K Safety Team Explore the Power of a Problem

Developing a Fondness for Fitness During and After School

Understanding Third Culture Kids

Alice, Class of '18-- London School of Medicine and Dentistry

Retail Shopping in China

Angela, Class of '18--Wellesley College

Harper Lagares, Class of 2108

Kevin Cao- Class of 2012

7 Tips for Combating Homesickness in Shanghai

Quotes from Concordia Theatre Alumni

Fine Arts Education Instrumental in Developing Both IQ and EQ

Shanghai Neighborhoods: Xujiahui

First Thing to Know about Shanghai

Shanghai Neighborhoods: Xinxiandi and People's Square

Elijah, Class of '18--Harvard University

Ashley Ottesen (Parker), Class of 2011

Students Explore Critical Thinking and Creative Movement Through Parkour

Shanghai Neighborhoods: The Former French Concession

Katrina, Class of '18--Royal School of Veterinary Studies at University of Edinburgh

Angelina Tian, Class of 2015

More Parenting Tips from the Love and Logic Course

Ways to Foster Independence in Young Children

Andrew Brandt, Class of 2014

Shanghai Neighborhoods: Jing'an and Zhongshan Park

Tips from Love and Logic Parenting Course Hosted by Concordia Counselors

Shanghai Neighborhoods: Lujiazui and Century Park

California Catch-up

The Father Effect: How Dad's Involvement Benefits His Child's Development

What to Expect When You Arrive in Shanghai

HOCO Alumni Event

Learning Chinese Before Moving to Shanghai

Preparing for the Shanghai Climate

Where are We Now? Helping Students Deal with Culture Shock

Childhood Tip: How to Leave the Park Without a Fuss

Dealing with Culture Shock in Shanghai

Finding Community in Shanghai

Xana-do's and Don'ts: Life Lessons from a Middle School Musical

How to Beat Jet Lag Like a Pro

Why You Should Talk to Your Kids About the Hazards of Too Much Screen Time

Dog Lover's Guide to Shanghai

The Great Firewall of China Explained

Finding Domestic Help in Shanghai

5 Positive Ways for Students to Use Their Screens Over Break

Enhancing Student Learning Through Thoughtful Use of Tech

How are You Smart? Using Multiple Intelligences to Boost Learning

Concordia Brightens Up the Holiday Season with Community Tree Lighting Event

How to stay afloat in a world drowning in plastic

Tips for Teens on Balancing Home and School Life

Engaging Students and the Community in Meaningful Service

A Quick Guide to Understanding Advance Placement

How to Help Young Learners Unwrap the Gift of Language

Window into Learning: A Code to Foster Exploration and Collaboration

A Change-Maker's Call for Service

Blending Cultures in a Vibrant and Diverse Community

A Guide on the Side Approach to Teaching Big Data Analytics

Concordia Tots Do Lots with Dots for International Dot Day

The Art of Storytelling: An Intro to Concordia's Newest Applied Learning Class

From Bean to Cup: A Unique Applied Learning Experience