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Road to College: A Creative in Her Own Write

For this week’s Road to College, we hear from a student whose passion for the written word has been a mainstay throughout her high school career and the driving force behind her best-fit college choice.  Read More

Road to College: STEM, Satire and Squats

In this Road to College installment, we hear from a student with eclectic interests. With preoccupations that range from conducting his own scientific research and writing computer programs to thinking up literary puns and weightlifting, it's a good thing his college of choice has so many options to fit his wide-ranging passions. Read More

Road to College: A Sustainable Impact

This week our Road to College series continues with a student who has shown a proclivity for helping others improve all aspects of their well-being. Through an active involvement in social sciences courses, a well-rounded array of co-curricular activities and a passion project focusing on sustainable success, this student has truly come to embody what it means to be an active global citizen.  Read More

Road to College: Connecting Communities, Changing the World

For this week’s Road to College, we meet a student who has a passion for connecting with others to bring about positive change in the world, and her best-fit college choice reflects this spirit of connection and community building. Read More

Road to College: Driven by Passion(s)

One aspect of choosing a best-fit college is to find a school that lets students merge their educational goals with their passions. But what does this look like for a student with a diverse list of passions and interests? Read More

Road to College: Diving Deep into Marine Science

College acceptances for the class of 2021 are still steadily rolling in, so we thought it would be nice to hear from some of our seniors about their current acceptances and what they plan to study when they finally get to their best-fit schools.  Read More

How to Make the Most of a Virtual College Tour

College visits allow students to gain perspective on the type of environment that would best suit their academic and personal interests. However, with many countries still reeling from the COVID pandemic, in-person school tours have become difficult, if not impossible.  Read More

What You Need to Know about Applying to College During COVID

As a result of the COVID pandemic, high school seniors are facing an unprecedented college application season. The landscape of universities around the world has changed, as well as the plans of many high school graduates and their families.  Well laid plans of two years ago have perhaps been thrown into question in light of current circumstances, leaving families to ask themselves where their students should apply to university?  Is it... Read More

Julian Chow, a Concordia alumnus, thanks his time in AP as it greatly prepared him to become a lawyer.
Requirements to Be Lawyer: Should Your Children Take IB or AP?

Parents only want the best for their children, and part of that is making sure they choose a career path that will lead them to a happy and successful life. To help accomplish this goal, it’s the hope for many parents that their children will pursue a career as a lawyer.  Read More

Concordia student happy to have college counselors to help guide her through the university application process.
How College Counselors Help Your Children Through the College Application Process

We know how important choosing the best-fit college or university is for your children and their future. That’s why at Concordia Shanghai, we make sure to provide them with the resources they need to thrive during this notoriously stressful time of their lives. Read More

American admissions officers looking through university applications.
What Marks do American Universities Look at on a Student Application?

Applying to university abroad can be a challenging and exciting process.  Read More

Concordia students working together on a project.
Characteristics of a College Student: What Qualities are Valued by American Admissions Officers?

In today's competitive university landscape, it often takes more than just excellent exam results for a student to get into their best-fit university.  Read More

Concordia students excited to graduate after discovering they have all of the requirements to study in the U.S.
Study in the U.S: Entrance requirements for American Universities

Historically, around 80% of Concordia Shanghai students have applied to schools in the United States. For many, it’s because it represents their “home” country, and for others, it’s because of the great reputation top schools in the U.S. enjoy. Read More

High School at Concordia International School Shanghai
Advanced Placement at Concordia Shanghai Explained

At Concordia International School Shanghai, we offer a liberal arts, North American education for our students of grades 9 to 12.  As students progress through the high school program, they gain greater access to both the Advanced Placement (AP) program as well as our own Applied Learning Program. Read More

Planning for the Future and Making Best-Fit College Choices

You’ve worked diligently in school, engaged in leadership through activities, and now it’s time to consider where you want to apply to university. An equal mix of feeling excited and overwhelmed! With literally thousands of universities to choose from, in dozens of countries, how do you know where to start?  You could simply look up a list online and consider that your college list, but are those schools really the best options for you? Read More

Luke, Class of '18-- Brigham Young University
Luke, Class of '18-- Brigham Young University

WHICH UNIVERSITY ARE YOU PLANNING TO ATTEND AND WHAT INFLUENCED YOUR CHOICE? I am attending Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. This choice was mostly influenced by the location. I have lots of family nearby and am very familiar with the school.  Read More

Taylor, Class of '18- Yale University
Taylor, Class of '18- Yale University

WHICH UNIVERSITY ARE YOU PLANNING TO ATTEND AND WHAT INFLUENCED YOUR CHOICE? A large factor in my decision to enroll at Yale is the fact that they have the top humanities program in the United States, which is my current major/career interest. Also, when I visited the campus last summer, the school just seemed to fit me. There was no concrete explanation for it, but between the students I met and the overall feeling of the campus, I could... Read More

Sara, Class of '18-- Rhode Island School of Design
Sara, Class of '18-- Rhode Island School of Design

Which university are you planning to attend and what influenced your choice?I decided to attend Rhode Island School of Design, because out of the many art schools, I felt that this school would allow me to further develop as an artist. I knew that I certainly wanted to attend RISD after participating in the Pre-College Summer Program which lasted for two months. Read More