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Creating a Culture of Collaboration: The Power of Community at Concordia Shanghai

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Students Awarded Top Prizes at Chinese Speech Competition

How much do you know about the famous pair of bronze lions at the gate of the Forbidden City? What about the treasures in the Palace Museum in Beijing and the one in Taipei? Well, Concordia students Saanvi S. and Angelina W. know a great deal about these fascinating cultural artifacts. With their wonderful speeches and presentations, they won the 2nd prize (in the ES and MS categories respectively) in the Palace Museum Chinese Speech... Read More

These Concordia Alumni Are Using Storytelling to Make Positive Change

Some of our Concordia alumni have been using storytelling to make changes that ripple into the greater global community. With their latest book “Dear Tariq”, they are helping raise awareness, empathy and compassion around the Syrian refugee crisis. Read More

How good teachers impact student success

At Concordia International School Shanghai, we believe that deeper learning can be mastered and maintained through effective teaching. When we say effective teaching, we mean the type of teaching designed to play a positive role in providing students with meaningful learning experiences that build on previous learning, and actively guide them in acquiring complex skills, gradually resulting in student self-regulation and autonomy. Read More

A how-to guide on being a parent at Concordia: How parents can support their child’s holistic learning

International schools like Concordia Shanghai have an approach to education that focuses on more than students' academic development, but also on a student’s overall development, the development of the whole child. Unlike the old formula where student success was measured almost entirely through academic performance, holistic education allows students to attain a more global vision of success, enabling them to communicate their needs... Read More

3 Reasons to choose a values-based education

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Redefining student success: Why the old formula for success doesn’t work anymore

At Concordia International School Shanghai , learning is at the heart of everything we do. In our never ending pursuit of academic excellence, we’ve developed a new, 21st-century student success formula to enable our students to tackle different types of challenges now and in the future. Read More

Secrets to helping your child thrive in an international school

Enrolling your child at an international school like Concordia Shanghai does much to prepare them for success in life. International schools are recognized for offering globally recognized curricula, a multicultural learning environment, innovative teaching methods, and more. Read More

How Concordia measures student academic success

At Concordia International School Shanghai, our focus is on promoting deeper learning, marked by a process where students develop the ability to transfer what they have learned to new situations. We focus our efforts on the holistic development of each student to set them up for success in college and in their future. Read More

How Concordia teachers approach math teaching

At Concordia Shanghai, our educational philosophy is founded on relationships, because we believe relationships foster positive social interactions and establish a nurturing environment of trust and support in schools. Students who feel connected to their school are more likely to succeed – through positive relationships, mutual respect and good communication, math teachers can gauge their student's current learning levels and provide the best... Read More

What are the expected learning outcomes from Concordia’s math program?

At Concordia International School Shanghai, we do much more than help our students pass the next test. By focusing on fostering deeper learning in our students, this enables them to apply their acquired knowledge to new situations. This is especially relevant when it comes to math learning. Read More

5 ways to help your child's math learning

Mathematics is a complex subject, and though most parents recognize the value of their children learning math, some parents struggle to support their children in learning a subject they are unfamiliar with themselves. Read More

Additional resources for math learning and math support

Every parent wants their child to feel confident with their math learning. While most adults may see the value of math in our everyday lives, some may also overlook the struggles and anxiety that come with learning it for the first time. Read More

Creative Writing Class Inspires Young Readers and Writers

High school students from Ms. Tania Stead's Creative Writing class wrote and illustrated children's stories this semester to share with Concordia's younger students. Read More

Grade 8 Practices STEM Rube Goldberg Style

Ping-pong balls, massage guns, magnets, ice cubes, and electric fans… these are not items that one would typically find in a bathroom, right? Well, maybe so. Read More

Powerful Poverty Simulation Teaches Students about Empathy

Our Grade 7 Social Studies students took part in an inspiring and relevant activity in which they were immersed in a hands-on simulation that had them considering poverty on a broad scale and learning how much they actually understand about the allocation of resources in our world. Read More

Distance Learning: Getting Off on the Right Foot at Home

Now that we are engaged in Distance Learning due to Covid prevention protocols, it’s time to share a few tips on how to experience a stress-free startup at home with Distance Learning. This week’s Tuesday Tip focuses on the beginning basics for Distance Learning from home. Read More

Tuesday Tip: How to Help Your Child Cope with Anger

Experiencing emotions is a healthy and normal part of everyone’s life. Many emotions are enjoyable to witness and share with each other, such as, but not limited to joy, excitement, enthusiasm, happiness, and love. Read More