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Motivating Your Child: Parenting Do's and Don'ts

At the May PSO meeting earlier this month, we heard from two seniors, Lillian Fu and Anita Feng. Their presentation was around types of motivation and the “do’s” and “don'ts” of motivating your student to succeed. Read More

What to Expect When Transitioning to High School

The leap from eighth grade to ninth grade marks a turning point in a student’s school career. Therefore, it is understandable that eighth graders and their parents would view the occasion with a great deal of excitement as well as a bit of apprehension. Read More

Academic Success Through Mental and Emotional Resilience

At Concordia, we believe that balance is integral to academic and general life success. From a mental wellness perspective, our school counselors and teachers work hard to build resilience in our students so that they have confidence in their ability to adapt to changes, persevere in the face of challenges, and learn new skills. Read More

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Will an American style classroom culture help my child be prepared for an American university?

While most Chinese parents are familiar with the standards found in a traditional Chinese school, the culture found in an American classroom can seem wildly different. Understanding this difference is key when it comes to deciding which international school is most beneficial for your children. Read More

Advice for New Families Transitioning to Concordia

At Concordia, we offer a plethora of opportunities to engage in the community and a variety of resources to support and facilitate your transition. These include parent coffees, events and talks held by our Parent Support Organization, Tuesday Tips offered by the EC office, welcome lunches for our new Kindergarten students, and regular counselor visits to the various classes. Our EC counselor partners closely with the class teacher to support... Read More

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How Culture Shock Can Affect Your Transition to a New School Community

When entering a new environment, be it a new country, a new neighborhood, or a new school, we may find it to be an overwhelming and uncertain transition period. Understanding the feelings and emotional consequences that may arise can help strengthen your ability to respond intentionally to your own needs and your child’s needs and interests as you enter and engage in a new school community. Read More

Student Charity Proves Youths Have Power to Make a Difference

There is a long-standing tradition of student, faculty and parent-led service and charity projects at Concordia International School Shanghai. In fact, service is a fundamental part of our school’s ethos, compelling us to support many types and levels of service both across the school and in our community. Read More

Love is the Opposite of Fear

Given the unprecedented emergence of Covid-19, communities across the globe have been tasked to face the physical, financial, and social ramifications of the pandemic. Although individuals may be finding themselves being ushered back to normal life, it is clear that there still is a greater unspoken consequence of the coronavirus: the lingering uncertainty of what the future might hold. Read More

Encouraging Adaptability: A Skill Children Need to Succeed

These past few weeks, we as humans, have had to make shifts, changes and adjustments that we may have never had to before. Adaptability is one of the most important life skills for us to develop. As parents, we often focus on our children's grades, making sure they excel and perform. With our ever changing environment, health needs and emotional dilemmas, we ourselves may struggle to adapt. Read More

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Helping Your Family Reduce Stress During Trying Times

We are in the midst of some uncertain and trying times, where remaining calm (let alone having energy for all the tasks facing us) is not an easy feat. Spending day in and day out at home with our families while dealing with a million other things can be incredibly stressful. Since every family member has their own unique way of dealing with stressful situations, it is important to stay connected through open communication. It is also important... Read More

A Brief History of Healthcare in China
A Brief History of Healthcare in China

Given the physical size and population of China, the development of a modern healthcare system has been a long process. Understandably, that process has involved both progress and setbacks as new phases of development have been implemented. Read More

Pearl of the Orient: A Short History of Shanghai
Pearl of the Orient: A Short History of Shanghai

Shanghai’s historical evolution from a sleepy fishing and textile port on the Yangtze Delta to a fully fledged world-class city has been formed by lucrative Chinese-Western trading relationships, cheap and plentiful labor from rural areas and the city’s relative peace compared with the rest of China in the 19th and 20th centuries. Read More

Shanghai Neighborhoods: Hongqiao and Gubei
Shanghai Neighborhoods: Hongqiao and Gubei

Situated between the Inner and Outer Ring Roads on both the north and south sides of Yan An Elevated Road is the Hongqiao area of Shanghai. The area is primarily residential and made up of villa compounds, low-rise apartments and sprinklings of high rise buildings. With the opening of the Hongqiao Transportation Hub – the world’s largest - a few years ago and the development of the adjoining Hongqiao CBD area, the pace of life in Hongqiao’s busy... Read More

Shanghai Day Trips
Shanghai Day Trips

While Shanghai has a lot to offer within the confines of the city proper, there are a number of great places to visit not far from the city. With the opening of the high-speed rail system, nearby cities that would normally require an overnight stay can now be reached with ease providing residents of Shanghai even more options for weekend getaways. Read More

Food Safety in China
Food Safety in China

Food safety is an issue regardless of what country you live in. The ongoing and intense global debate over genetically modified food (GMO) and the unknown impact those foods are having on the long-term health of humans is a prime example. These genetic modifications are often intended to increase productivity by changing the characteristics of a plant or animal so that they become stronger in some way. That new strength could mean higher yields... Read More

How to Prepare for Your Shanghai Look-See Trip
How to Prepare for Your Shanghai Look-See Trip

In the months prior to actually making the big move to Shanghai, you may have the opportunity to visit the city for a look-see trip. These trips are usually brief – a week or less – because employment obligations usually don’t allow for more. The primary objective of the look-see trip is to choose a school and accommodation and due to the limited amount of time allowed for the trip, the process is usually a bit frantic. Read More

Shanghai map
Get to Know the Geography of Shanghai

If it’s a clear day, whether you are flying into either of Shanghai’s Pudong or Hongqiao International airports, you will be able to see the scale of development of the Yangtze River Delta that extends from the shore of the Pacific Ocean inward as far as the eye can see. Land is put to use without exception in this part of the world. From the ground much of what is happening in terms of development is hidden behind tree lines and fences except... Read More

Entering and Exiting China with Pets
Entering and Exiting China with Pets

Whether you have brought your beloved pets with you to China or adopted them locally, it’s never too early to learn about exit requirements to ensure a smooth departure when preparing to take your pets with you when you leave China. Read More