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Preschoolers Practice Empathy in Pretend Pet Clinic

How many times has your child asked you this question: "Mom and Dad, may we please get a dog?" Has your child asked repeatedly for a pet? Research shows that children who have owned and raised a pet, develop stronger skills in maintaining meaningful relationships throughout life. Read More

This Concordia High School Club Is Forging a Gender-Equal World

International Women’s Day, held on March 8, has been a day dedicated to celebrating and advocating for women’s rights and equality for over a century. In keeping with this tradition, members of the Lily Project, a Concordia student-led organization dedicated to empowering women and girls and working towards gender equality, marked the occasion with a photo shoot focusing on this year’s official IWD campaign theme, #ChoosetoChallenge. Read More

STEM: Kindergarteners Explore Force and Motion

Physics is not just for high schoolers, our kindergarten students are also learning about the effects that force and motion have on the natural world. Young children love to move and to make things move, therefore this is the perfect age to capitalize on their natural interests in force and motion. Read More

Road to College: Connecting Communities, Changing the World

For this week’s Road to College, we meet a student who has a passion for connecting with others to bring about positive change in the world, and her best-fit college choice reflects this spirit of connection and community building. Read More

Road to College: Driven by Passion(s)

One aspect of choosing a best-fit college is to find a school that lets students merge their educational goals with their passions. But what does this look like for a student with a diverse list of passions and interests? Read More

MS Design Thinking: An Exercise in Empathy

Each year we go in search of authentic experiences for our grade seven students in Maker Design, an elective course where STEM concepts and design thinking combine to equip students in their journey of development into skilled, independent, empathetic, and action-oriented change makers. Read More

Supporting English Language Development in Elementary School

There are many rewards and opportunities for those who set out on the journey of learning a new language. It offers the opportunity to improve memory, strengthen problem-solving skills, build connections, and navigate cultural barriers. However, learning a new language takes hard work, courage, persistence, and patience. Read More

Road to College: Diving Deep into Marine Science

College acceptances for the class of 2021 are still steadily rolling in, so we thought it would be nice to hear from some of our seniors about their current acceptances and what they plan to study when they finally get to their best-fit schools.  Read More

Stretching Discussions When Children Play

When is it appropriate for adults to insert themselves in play? Isn’t play time an opportunity for children to explore their own curiosities and inquiries? These are two of the most frequent and important questions I hear from teachers and parents alike at Concordia Shanghai. Read More

Extra! Read All About It: First Ever Phoenix Post On Stands Now

At the end of fall semester, the first 2020-2021 Phoenix Post came out. It is the very first edition of Concordia's new High School student newspaper featuring relevant articles and current events happening at the school. Read More

Students Use Creative Learning to Make Positive Change

It is within the classroom that creative learning and its ally, the skill of creativity, are blended together to provide learning experiences designed to address the needs of students to become transformational change agents within the context of their world.  Read More

Concordia students enjoy innovative approaches to learning including both problem-centered and student-centered.
How the American Education and Chinese Curriculums fit into Three Approaches to Learning

When it comes to American vs Chinese curriculums, the approaches to learning are vastly different.  Read More

Collaboration, significant student engagement, and joy are prevalent in an American classroom.
Will an American style classroom culture help my child be prepared for an American university?

While most Chinese parents are familiar with the standards found in a traditional Chinese school, the culture found in an American classroom can seem wildly different. Understanding this difference is key when it comes to deciding which international school is most beneficial for your children.  Read More

A key difference between Chinese and American schools is how teachers engage with students.
How are Chinese Schools Different from American Schools?

Living in Shanghai, you may be familiar with the Chinese educational style. A Chinese school is vastly different from what a parent might see in American schools, and while both offer advantages and disadvantages, the latter is designed to benefit students looking to study post-secondary in the U.S. Read More

Preparing for college: Chinese education system vs American
The Differences and Similarities between Chinese and American Education: A Comparison of the Two Systems

A comparison of Chinese and American education systems is an excellent way to gain a better understanding of each one while also helping you to identify which one will help your child get into an American university. While there are a number of similarities between Chinese and American education, they are different in many relevant ways.  One offers the knowledge of accumulation, is strict, and focused on building an educational foundation. The... Read More

Student Charity Proves Youths Have Power to Make a Difference

There is a long-standing tradition of student, faculty and parent-led service and charity projects at Concordia International School Shanghai. In fact, service is a fundamental part of our school’s ethos, compelling us to support many types and levels of service both across the school and in our community. Read More

IB vs AP, discover which is better for college admissions
Do colleges prefer AP or IB: Which one is good for college admission acceptance

Choosing between taking the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP) courses can be a difficult decision for many families. For the amount of time and effort your children will be required to invest in them, you want to make sure they achieve the end result they desire by gaining admission to their best-fit university. Read More

Students at Concordia exemplify the learner profile of an AP student
How AP Classes in High School Prepare You for College

The Learner Profile of an AP Student Advanced Placements (AP) classes do more for students than just challenge them academically.  Read More